Camping trip

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Camping trip.

Illustrated Sex Story

Summer is in full swing, so my girlfriend Karolina and I decided to go on a weekend trip to a camping cabin. We did it every year, but this time, as companions, we took the neighbor’s marriage with us. Joanna and Dong, whom we met recently after moving into a new apartment. They looked very nice, so we agreed on a joint “integration” trip. Dong was Polish, but with an admixture of Asian blood, which delighted Karolina, an Asian fan, starting with cuisine, fashion and ending with customs. Joanna, on the other hand, was a tall, dark-haired beauty, and probably every guy envied Dong such a wife.Camping trip

The camping was about 70km from the city, so the journey didn’t take too long. Upon arrival, it turned out that the camping was quite large, it consisted of 2 bedrooms and a kitchen with a living room with quite decent equipment.

We did not even unpack to the end and Dong and my Karolina started preparing for the evening “party”, they made a quick dinner and put wine on the table and in the background they played K-pop music, which I do not like, and after Joanna’s face I read that she did not she is a fan of such music.

Dong and Carolina practically ignored us while discussing the Far East, although as far as I knew none of them had ever been there. Joanna and I talked more economically, we knew each other too little and I think we were both not as open as our other halves.

They quickly added the second bottle of wine, because the first one was emptied mainly by them, but with the second bottle Joanna made sure that we used it as well. It was obvious that she was jealous of the way They talked to each other, because in fact their conversation looked like a strong flirtation. When Joanna had already “put in a little” she said quietly:

– Look at them, they would like to fuck on this table.

I said nothing, but they were actually sticking to each other and they were completely ignoring us. In the end, we all left the kitchen to our room to unpack, anyway, we felt completely unnecessary as we were leaving only Dong waved his hand noting that we were leaving the “party”

It was past midnight and in the background I could still hear music and laughter. Finally, I took a shower and went to bed alone, angry. About 1 am I was woken up by a cheerful Karolina and very drunk.

“I’m here,” she said, laughing

“This Dong is awesome,” she added

I said nothing, furious for her behavior and praising Dong. She quickly fell asleep fully clothed and awake, I couldn’t fall asleep. Finally I decided to go eat in the kitchen, I looked at my watch, it was 2:35.

The kitchen was quite a mess, so I picked up some glasses and poured myself some wine from what turned out to be the third bottle. I was so angry I knew I had to do something. As I was bustling about in the kitchen, I heard a voice behind me.Camping trip

– You can’t sleep with pissed off too?

Joasia stood behind me, she was practically naked. She was not wearing a bra, but only delicate and transparent panties.Camping trip

Now her flawless figure and beautiful breasts were visible. I looked down, slightly confused.Camping trip

– Karolina pissed me off so much, they ignored us completely.

– Dong fell asleep and Karolina? She asked

– She’s fast asleep unconscious.

Joanna came close to me, leaned down and kissed me on the lips and after a while this kiss turned into a passionate kiss. I felt her tongue in my mouth, we kissed passionately for a few minutes and my hands started circling Joanna’s bottom. I wanted to make love to her, but our other halves were next door.Camping trip

– They were having fun, now we are going to have fun. She said and crouched down in front of me sliding my boxers off.

She started to lick my dick, her tongue teased him passionately and every now and then my dick disappeared in her mouth. She sucked him amazing. I felt she liked it and she enjoyed it.

In the end I couldn’t stand it and took it on the table, stuffing my dick into her narrow slit. I tried to do it quietly, but it was not very successful. We fucked like that for half an hour, alternating between fucking once and then kissing passionately because Joanna kissed great.

At one point Joanna sat down on the floor with her legs wide apart and began to masturbate looking at me. I saw her shaved pussy and her long, slim legs open so provocatively as I have never seen in any woman before.Camping trip Illustrated Sex Story

I stood over her and started flapping myself. She masturbated softly, groaning watching me do it. In the end, we both started to come, my sperm went straight to her mouth, Joasia closed her eyes, savoring the pleasure she was giving herself.Illustrated Sex Story

When we finished Joanna went to the bathroom for a moment to wash my face, and when she came back she kissed me tenderly on the lips saying with a smile:

– My anger is past, I feel much better time to go to bed?

– Sure, I said.

And it started to come to me, what we had just done … I returned to the bedroom with a heavy step.


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