Hot sex

Hot Sex

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It was a very hot day. Despite the approaching evening hour, the heat in the house has not decreased at all. A friend of mine, Ola, who spent the weekend in mine
home, she walked freely in her underwear. I was so relaxed, I was never tired in a T-shirt and pants, so Ola
finally commented on my dress code.

– Are you normal? Get undressed!
“I don’t like it,” I said, stepping back slightly as I expected
trying to take my clothes off me.
– I can not look at this. I could walk naked here.
– Yes? – I asked with a smile, making fun of her words a bit,
because I saw she wouldn’t walk like that.
– Just like that. When you finally get your pants down, I’ll be there
she was walking naked right now.
– Hmm …
– What a guy, he’s still wondering!

Without a word I started undressing and after a while I was standing only in my panties.

– Finally! Well, as I said, I do.

I looked at her in surprise because I thought she was joking, but she was not joking. She was standing naked in front of me, without much embarrassment.
I’ve always liked her. She was slim and very sexy, and now naked, well … she looked even better. Beautiful breasts, a shaved pussy and a plump
bottom. Sexy and exciting until I felt a little crazy.

– What are you looking at? Take off your panties.

Before I could refuse, Olek stood by me, and after a while she slipped her panties off me. I was excited watching Olka’s naked body, so my dick
popped out of the panties springy. He rubbed against Olka’s hand.

– Excuse me!
“Come on,” she replied and pushed me towards the couch. I fell
on her, the leather of the couch was cold, it felt very good

After a while she was sitting on top of me. With a quick movement, she introduced the dick into her hole. I felt the heat of her pussy, it was so hot it was burning.
Wet and hot, but despite the heat it was an extremely exciting feeling. Rhythmically she began to ride me, piercing herself deeply
my dick. I took care of her breasts, teased them with my tongue, sucked. Leaning low over me, rhythmically moving her ass led me to
insanity. Finally, I put both hands around her buttocks and pressed her body against mine with the rhythm of her movements. We were wet, hot, but this
it was even more exciting. Ola came after a while making a strange sound and tightening her body as if she was with
stone. When she finished she turned around, sticking her butt out. I saw both holes clearly.

She took my dick hard. I didn’t need much. She made a few moves and I fired. Sperm ran down her hand and face. She rubbed
her dick. When she finished she stood up, freeing my body.

– We are going to shower, is it?

She asked with a smile as if nothing had happened, and yet it was our first sex. Of course, I hoped it wouldn’t be the last.

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