Sex History part 5 – Sex agreement

Sex agreement

Sex History part 5 – Sex System adult sex stories I do not hide, Ania confused my head after the last meeting, I no longer knew what to expect from her, I like sex, I have different fantasies, but her directness made me consterned. On the other hand, when I thought about the subject calmly, I didn’t quite know if it was a serious invitation to new sexual experiences or a simple joke. I wanted to address this topic today, because she has just announced herself for a coffee after …

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A sharp shot outdoors


A sharp shot outdoors adult erotic stories I heard the doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw Jola, my friend. She didn’t even say hello, I immediately heard: – We’re going on a picnic right now. Her voice was firm, not accepting the objection.“But …” I wanted to argue.– No “but” sandwiches, something to drink and a blanket.– Let’s go. – She added. The day was hot, so I took note of it. In fact, the idea wasn’t bad. I went to my room to change my clothes. – …

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Expected sex meeting

sex meeting

Expected sex meeting Erotic story Today it was that day, I finally made an appointment with Monika, whom I met some time ago at work. She was quite a coquette from the first meeting. She tempted, provoked and loved to be dirty about sex topics. Once, I even played the phone with me, but it was not enough for me and her, I just wanted to fuck her. And finally the moment has come, we decided to meet after work. I heard the intercom, opened the door and after a …

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My first cuckolding

My first cuckolding

My first cuckolding Cuckolding story I was bored looking through the ads from the erotic portal. I caught sight of the announcement of a couple who wanted to play cuckolding. Honestly, I didn’t know what it was, so I had to look at Wikipedia. Sex with a woman in front of her husband? – strange I thought, but what do I have to lose? Rather nothing and impressions need to be collected, so I decided to speak to them. After quite a long exchange of e-mails and photos, we made …

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Sex Stories part 3

Sex Stories part 3

Sex Stories part 3 erotic illustrated stories After yesterday’s shower with Ania, I couldn’t concentrate, there was no sex and at the same time there was more than in some of the night games. I decided to call her because I was thinking more and more about her and our very intimate situations. “Hi, it’s me,” I said quite confidently. – Hi PaweĊ‚ek – she greeted me warmly. – You’re alone? – I asked to be sure, I wanted to move last night. – Yes, I’m alone. What? – Nothing, …

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Sex Stories part 2

Sex Stories part 2

Sex Stories part 2 Sex Story Since our meeting ended with a joint masturbation, Ania gave no sign of her life. I think she’s a little stupid. I felt a bit weird. We’ve known each other for quite a few years, but this is the first time we have indulged in something like this. However, there is nothing to worry about watching her pussy live, which gave me great pleasure and a great relaxing trigger.Practically every day I thought about our masturbation, so it is no wonder that while thinking …

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Survival – Sci-Fi Erotic Story

Survival - Sci-Fi Erotic Story

science fiction for adults Survival Prologue It had to happen at last, too many years have passed since the war. For new generations, World War II was more of a historical curiosity, a video game than a real world drama. The extreme right in many countries was slowly coming to power, putting the maintenance of power at all costs first. The same goal was pursued by “democratic” dictatorships, which held their nations more and more firmly. Russia, as it had promised, cut itself off even more from the west, even …

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Public blowjob

Public blowjob

Public Blowjob – Erotic Short Story Porn Stories It was Saturday night I was waiting for my girlfriend Kasia, but instead of her I heard the sound of the phone. Fortunately, it was not a call from work that I needed to be called, Kasia called. – I’m not here yet. – she said. – I know. – If you were, I would have seen you, and this is no information that you are not there. – I have different information! Get dressed and go out, we have an invitation …

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Evening visit

Evening visit

Evening visit sex story When I heard the knock, I was a bit surprised, it’s quite late, and it’s Saturday, and someone is knocking on the door. I thought that a neighbor had a problem, but when I opened the door I saw a friend with whom we see each other once in a while. – Hi! – I greeted her with a smile She stood on the threshold. – You are alone? She asked uncertainly – Well, as always. – I muttered a bit sarcastically, because in fact I …

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Mature woman in the office

Mature woman in the office

Mature woman in the office. Mature woman during the interview. Great blowjob. She entered the office confidently. Her small stature, shapely ass and generous breasts aroused great interest. I would never say that he is so old. A strangely familiar face. She smiled gently at the sight of me. My penis has come to life strangely. I had to control myself because this is an interview. I greeted very seriously and indicated the place. She was dressed both very elegantly and sexy, her sexy high heels. I couldn’t concentrate and …

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