Sex in the basement

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Sex in the basement

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I regularly ride a bike, it is always worth doing something for my health, and this time, after traveling my favorite route, I was a bit tired and thought about lying down for a while watching TV.
The only thing left for me to do was lock the bike in the basement, because I couldn’t leave it in front of the cage. As I went down to the basement, I heard a noise coming from inside. Neighbors, I thought, when I entered, I closed the door behind me and went down the steep stairs, a head peeked out from one of the cellars and I saw my neighbor Monika. Navigating between the lumber standing in the corridors of the basement, after a long moment I got to her.
– Hello, neighbor. – She greeted with a smile.
– Hello neighbor. – I replied in the same style, giving back a smile.
– How was the trip? She asked, coming out of her cellar and looking at the bicycle.
– As always, fun.
We talked for a few minutes while I opened the door to my cellar and got my bike in. I noticed that my neighbor was more interested in the conversation than in the job she had just interrupted in her own basement. I looked at a nice mess in the hallways of our basement.
– But they set everything up here, you can normally kill yourself here. Furniture, washing machines, I don’t know what is missing yet – I said critically about our neighbors.

– They are exaggerating, soon it will not be possible to enter your cubicle, in the end something has to be done. – my neighbor supported me.
“Here I go,” I said, heading for the exit.
“A pity,” she replied with a little sadness.
I took a few steps and suddenly the light went out.
“Gosh,” I muttered, standing still.
– God, it’s dark, the traffic jams are dead. – added a slightly scared neighbor.

– You’re not gonna leave me here, are you? She asked.
– Rather impossible, I replied slowly backing towards her – you can kill yourself about these “trash” here, you must wait, maybe there will be light soon.
Moving towards Monika with my arms outstretched so as not to get into something, I felt that I had hit her and I guess I lightly touched her breasts.
– Excuse me. – I said a little flustered, but still focused, where to stand here, so as not to climb on her.
– No worries. She replied, we were right next to each other.
– I don’t like the dark. – she added.
– And who likes it, I don’t like it either.
Her hand was rubbing lightly against my thigh, the back of my hand. We talked quietly, wondering what to do, wait or try to leave, we had no phones or a flashlight. After a while I felt that her hand was not touching my thigh by accident anymore and was approaching my crotch, pretending that I did not feel it, although my voice began to tremble slightly with excitement, I continued the conversation. After a while Monika slipped her hand into my panties, taking a protruding dick in her hand.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” she said excitedly.

She slipped my sweatpants and panties off. I stood with my pants down, and my neighbor was holding my dick in her hand, moving it slightly. It was dark, I could only feel her excited breath and her hand on my cock. I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her to me, she was in pants, I unbuttoned her jeans button and opened the zipper.
– Not so fast. She said softly.
– First what I’ve always wanted to do. She added crouching in front of me.
– After a while I felt my dick in her mouth, she did not lick it gently, but rather absorbed the whole cock as if she wanted to swallow it.
– Every now and then I felt the tongue on my testicles, which she licked and sucked individually at each egg. She was reaching deep beneath them as if she wanted to touch my buttocks with it. She played with my cock and balls for a few minutes in silence. I experienced a delight, because otherwise it cannot be called leaning against some basement wall.

Fuck me.” she said suddenly, pulling his cock out of her mouth.

I turned her to the wall I was leaning against a moment ago, sliding her pants and panties down to her knees without further ado. I touched my hand to her wet pussy and after a while I shoved her cock into that horny hole. She groaned softly from the very first thrust. I pressed her against the wall, moving her steadily from behind, she stood erect, touching the wall with her hands and slightly sticking her ass towards me. I fucked her, I wanted to get my dick even more. She was moaning softly sticking up harder and harder towards me each time, I felt her coming so my movements were even deeper, I could feel her poking at my standing cock. After a while, the light came on. I stood frozen and a little flustered. The neighbor turned to me smiling.
– Don’t panic, I can finally see you in the light.
I wanted to pull up my pants, because I was still standing there with them lowered, and so was she.
– Leave it. She said firmly.
– You also deserve something, you fucked me well, it’s a pity that there is already light.
She crouched down and took the cock in her hand. However, I had a dilemma and said what I thought out loud.

– And if someone comes in?
This will see me suck you off and everybody knows I’m going for you. After these words she took it to her mouth, sliding it in and out of it. I looked at it excitedly and I immediately wanted to shoot my sperm straight into her mouth, but she stopped every moment as if feeling what was glowing and aroused my excitement so that after a while it was reduced. You could see how she loves to suck it, how her tongue tries to slip under the skin, to slide it off after a while and tease the head of my cock with his tongue. She rubbed her cheek against my penis. When she got a little saturated with it, she let me come to the end by slapping my cock with her hand and teasing it with her tongue at the same time. Sperm squirted onto her tongue and lips, began to drip and run down her chin. She, however, sucked him greedily licking all the remnants of sperm from his cock. He was still hard, but already very tender, I felt every touch of her tongue even more, the excitement subsided, but the pleasure of being licked was still great. After a while she got up wiping her face with her hand.
– I am getting ready – I said quite stupidly, because I had not yet recovered …
– Me too, I have to finally finish with this basement – she replied disappearing into the booth.

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