I fucked my drunk chick.

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I fucked my drunk chick.

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It was already around 1 am, and my girlfriend did not come back from the “girls’ night”, which she regularly had with her friends every few months. I was a bit nervous because she neither called nor answered the phone. Finally I heard the doorbell, she had her key, but she probably didn’t want to look in her purse. When I opened it, it became clear that Sandra was standing in the doorway.
“I am,” she said, as if I couldn’t see her in front of me.
“I see you are,” I said, a bit angry, because she came back very late without informing what was happening to her. However, there are no such topics, which should be discussed with the drunk so I didn’t say anything.

– And what are we doing, honey? She asked as she took off her shoes with a slight difficulty.
I watched anxiously, ready to grab her should the laws of gravity beat my cane. She made it, scattered her shoes around the hall and literally fell on the couch. She sat down, even with her legs spread apart, and not, as always, with a classy class that hides her charms under the skirt. I glanced at her red panties, which she displayed in all its glory.
– So what are we doing? She repeated the question.

I looked away from her crotch saying in light thought:
– We go to bed, after one in the morning, and you need sleep. You put up a lot.
– I didn’t put it in, but got drunk. This day won’t end like this.
Finishing the sentence, she grabbed my trouser belt and pulled me towards her. I was standing in front of her and she was sitting on the couch looking down at me.

– Take the opportunity and do what you want with me.
– I do not understand. – I pretended to be stupid.
– You understand well, but if you don’t understand, I will give you a hint.
At this point, she fell silent as she reached for a standing bottle of Coke. She drank from the bottle. When she had quenched her thirst, she finished what she had begun:
– Fuck me today!
– Drunk? You’re drunk.
– Exactly, and I have no brakes.
– No, go to sleep. – my tone was very serious.
– Exactly. She said it in such a way, with such disappointment that I don’t know what got into me.
Maybe peeking at her panties already turned me on a bit, or maybe because I used to fantasize about fucking her drunk. Without a word I unbuttoned the zipper and pulled out my cock, which was not quite hard.
– I understand that. She replied moving closer to me.

She grabbed the penis in her hand and began to stimulate it. The prick reacted immediately. She played with him like that for a while, but I wanted more. I grabbed her by the hair pressing her lips against my crotch, the dick entered and I pushed even harder, she choked slightly, but I did not let go, pressing her head so that my cock disappeared in her mouth to the testicles. She choked, I held it for a moment and let it go. She caught her breath and pressed it all the way to the end herself. I started to move my hips, literally fucking her in the mouth. She squeezed her lips lightly, which made me feel like I was entering my pussy. It was with satisfaction and pleasure that I fucked her this way.

When I felt the need to slow down because the excitement was too much, and the pushing of her mouth was too inviting to cum inside them, I picked up my cock by pushing my testicles under her mouth. She immediately started licking them, running her tongue over their surface. Every now and then one of the testicles she sucked like a sweet apricot. Her tongue circled everywhere and reached under my eggs. She had never done this before. I felt even more pleasure. I did not want to finish, her submission turned me on even more.

Firmly, even brutally, I turned her back to back and pushed her against the back of the couch. She grabbed the back while sticking her ass towards me. I picked up her dress and, without taking off her panties, shoved my cock from behind into her pussy. I felt her panties brush against my dick, but it didn’t bother me, quite the opposite. It was quite a nice added stimulus. I pressed hard on her body, pushing my dick inside her. Her pussy gave way, I felt my cock entering her wet cunt.
I hit her buttock and she groaned slightly so I renewed the slap harder without stopping the fucking.

I felt she liked it. I came out of her. I pushed her panties off and tucked her dress up tight. I saw her plump buttocks and without thinking I hit the middle with my hand. Her buttocks reddened, I hit it again, I think it hurt, but instead of trying to stop the spanking, her buttocks bulged even more and I started hitting again and again. Her bum turned very red. When I wanted to stop, I heard a barely whispered:
– Yet.

So I beat harder with my open hand, until her body refused to spank any more because she slumped to the floor. She just sat there for a moment, as if recovering. I felt she was having an orgasm. She reached up to my penis. She started beating him smoothly. She beat my horse right in front of her face, until I finally shot a jet of hot, milky liquid. Cum flooded her hair, cheeks and mouth. She kept jerking me off until the last drop of sperm came out of my cock. After that, she slumped to the floor. I wanted to help her get up.

– I can handle. She said, getting up awkwardly.
She stumbled into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed.
Lie down next to you. – she said.
I wanted to give her a towel to dry, but after that I lay down on the bed next to her.
She slid down low, laying her head with her face covered with cum on her thigh next to my cock.
– Don’t you wanna wipe yourself?
– I want sleep.

After these words, she immediately fell asleep. I looked down, she was sleeping rubbing against my penis. My cock twitched slightly as I thought about it. He lightly touched her face.
– Don’t think, don’t think. – I muttered under my breath.
– Man, if I fall asleep now. – I thought, because the excitement was returning.
– I wonder what she will say to all this tomorrow when she recovers – I started to think about tomorrow so as not to look at Sandra’s naked, exciting body …

Well, I fucked my drunk girlfriend. – I thought falling asleep.



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