In a sauna

In a sauna

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Saturday is my favorite day and not even because it’s a weekend, but because I regularly rent a sauna every Saturday and spend an hour in it. I don’t like swimming pools and public saunas which is why I found a small sauna that can be rented by the hour. There was still a while before I left when the phone rang.

– Hi. – Dorota’s friend spoke in the receiver

– Hi.

– What are you doing? She asked

– I’m getting ready to go to the sauna. I replied

– I’m just calling on this, can I go to the sauna with you?

One companion is even a nice change. – I thought

– Sure you can and what do you like sauna?

– Well, I don’t know that yet, but it’s supposed to be healthy, so I’d like to try it, if it’s not a problem.

– I said no problem.

After briefly discussing the details, we made an appointment in the sauna immediately, Dorota was supposed to go directly to the sauna. Of course, she was late, so I informed the lady at the reception to let her in and, without losing any minutes of the hour I hired, I undressed and entered the sauna.


After a while Dorothy burst in and stood frozen at the sight of me. I was naked as always in the sauna and she was in underwear.

“Oh,” she said, abashed.

– This is a sauna, nudity is normal here, especially as it is not a public sauna, but I am sorry that I did not tell you that.

– If you feel embarrassed, I’ll put on shorts. – I added.

– No, you don’t have to adjust anymore. She said a bit abashed.

After a while she got rid of her underwear and stood naked in front of me. She was a pretty and shapely girl such a view was very pleasant, but I came here to the sauna, not amorias.

After a while we were sitting in the sauna. Dorota became more and more relaxed and very quickly got used to our nakedness.

But when she moved closer to me and I felt her body rub against my “sauna” it was over and I began to feel desire. Dorota changed her place again, going to the higher seat and sat down in front of me, spreading her thighs without creasing. I had no idea if she did it unknowingly or provoked me. My penis twitched slightly and it was so far calm and composed, because I have been in the sauna with naked women more than once and I was able to tame my instincts. Especially when working in Germany, I often found a lot of female nudity in saunas.

But this time it was different, these parted thighs as if they were inviting me, at least in my opinion. I gently put my hand on her leg, she did not move it away, but even moved her leg towards me. So it couldn’t be a coincidence, I shifted my position slightly and touched her hot and sweat-wet thigh.

– You can stand up? I asked excitedly

– What for? Dorota asked and her eyes seemed to sparkle

– So that I can lick your pussy. I replied

Dorota got up without a word, sticking her pussy towards me and I crouched in front of her, approaching her crotch. He embraced the pussy as he parted his labia, I saw the red inside of her pussy. I started licking it was hot, very hot and very wet. I licked it for a long time and she, with closed eyes, indulged in taking pleasure from this moment.

However, she never touched me for a moment, she only enjoyed herself. When I finally wanted to direct her hand to my cock she said softly but firmly – no.

By adding:

– You can cum on my face.

She lay down on her stomach in front of me, sticking out her mouth in my direction. I started jerking myself off and He looked at me provocatively and that always got me to orgasm quickly.

I fired a volley of sperm right at her mouth, Dorota stuck her tongue out a little and the sperm trickled onto it. She didn’t seem to mind because the tongue disappeared from her mouth and she swallowed its contents. She then closed her eyes and I got rid of the remnants of sperm on her face.

When I was done, Dorothy stood up smiling and wiped her face in her hand saying:

– I don’t think it’s cheating, because I haven’t even touched you. – she said

I looked at her surprised.

– Because I have a new boyfriend, but it’s not cheating right? She repeated the question.

– I do not know. I replied, not wanting to make her realize that it was obvious it was a betrayal.

Dorothy continued as if she wanted to explain herself to herself:

– It was only you licking me and I lent you only a kiss. –

– It was a betrayal. – in the end I could not stand this interpretation and said what I thought.

– Fuck.

– What? – I asked surprised by her reaction.

– If I knew that it was also cheating, I would let me get fucked. She replied angrily

I couldn’t stand it and laughed saying:

– We have a sauna every week like something.

“I know,” she said, and added in a serious voice:

– Then you have to make up for it.

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