Submissive Bitch part 2

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Submissive Bitch part 2

Erotic story

My first attempts at domination in sex did not turn out too well, but overall Agnieszka liked it. However, what was too little, what was good and what was bad, I have never learned. I was going to come up with it myself, and it’s not that easy. She was reluctant to tell me this verbatim, she was just ashamed of herself, it wasn’t a lack of trust. Lack of experience in this field gave me a chance to go all out, which is an experimental sense of what my bitch expects.
All day I thought about how to play it on Friday night, I knew one thing so far, you need to drink some good wine.
We sat down on this warm evening with a drink, music was playing in the background, and there was sex, tension and an atmosphere of desire in the air. Agnieszka knew that each of us thinks about one thing, which is fucking or fucking, if you prefer.

We felt the heat incredibly so I went for a quick cool shower. I came back to her after a few minutes in a T-shirt and panties, which was a big feat anyway, at home 30 degrees and I’d like to go naked. Well, but what are the neighbors? I always took it into account, someone will see and why sensations. Agnieszka was irritated by the fact that I did not feel comfortable at home, she often wore no panties, usually in a tight T-shirt, which I did not hide, I liked very much.

When she saw me she said with an irritated voice:
– and you are wearing panties again in such a heat.
Now I’m going to take a shower because I’m going to fall in this heat. Open the window a little bit cooler outside and pour the wine.
Ok, I said, opening the window and after a while the glasses were full.
She left the bathroom after 30 minutes, which by her standards was quite a feat. I think she was washing on the run – I thought jokingly
She was wearing only a T-shirt short enough that I could see no panties.
– And you still in panties? – commented my outfit.
– Okay, take it off – I removed my panties and threw them on the chair.
– Now better? – I asked.
– My T-shirt was so short that my bird was hanging all exposed.
– And am I supposed to walk like that?
“That’s right” she said seriously.
I sat down next to her which brought a smile to her face.
“Then we drink it” I said, taking the glass in my hand.
– Are we getting drunk today? I think I need to, I laughed.
“We’ll get lazy” she replied.
“But I would like to remember the evening” she added.
“You always remember” I said.

We talked about everything, politics, science and sex. However, we liked the topic of sex more. During the conversation Agnieszka was touching my body as if checking if it was really me. It was very enjoyable and it was hard not to notice my already slightly protruding cock. The more that every now and then, as she changed position on the sofa, I saw her shaved pussy.
After the first bottle, we started to feel a bit of alcohol, I was not embarrassed to walk around the room with my cock sticking out despite the light on. He was standing and I didn’t mind whether anyone could see or not. When the second bottle was half empty and my desire to fuck Agnieszka was unbearable, I grabbed her head and pressed it against my dick.
“Lick him, bitch” I said firmly.
She started licking it with her tongue, not putting it in her mouth. She licked rubbing her cheek against him as if she was massaging her face with it.
– Now the eggs.
After a while my eggs felt her wet tongue, she licked each one individually very carefully and tenderly.
– Lie down and spread your legs!
She spread her legs shamelessly showing her naked cunt in all its glory. I stuck my head between her thighs, tasting her insides.
– You are tasty and I want to fuck you.
I dropped the mattress beside me.
– Lie down, bitch!

She lay down without saying a word and I took off the shirts from myself and her. I lay down on her, grasping her hands with mine and pressing her tightly, I entered her cunt without much difficulty and looking into her eyes I was fucking her with sudden movements, she was all tied up with my body and my grip on my hands.
Are you my bitch and bitch today? I asked, still fucking.
“Yes,” she said submissively, groaning with delight.
I kept pushing her, reaching with my hand to the next table where I prepared a rubber dildo. I put it in her mouth saying suck it bitch.
I fucked her, she licked the fake dick like it was real, sucked it and put it in her mouth, whimpering slightly as my dick entered her deeply. The dildo was wet with her saliva and she was pulling on it like a wire.

– I’m gonna put both dicks in you right now, you’re my whore today. Turn and lean out, I ordered as I stepped off her.
She obediently squatted pushing her ass towards me. I touched her anus and he was wet with the trickling juices from my pussy, I slowly slid the dildo up her asshole. It came in without any major problems.
– Is that what you want, bitch?
“Yes” she said softly.
After a while, I was already moving the artificial dick, it entered her ass perfectly, but it was not only that I wanted to do, I wanted to keep fucking her. I left the dildo inserted in her ass, and I myself drove my dick into her cunt. I was turned on by the sight of that, the fake cock in her ass and me pushing her pussy. I fucked her like this for a few minutes until I felt that I could no longer do it.
I quickly pulled my cock out, leaving a dildo in her ass.
– Suck me off!
She began to suck and pull my cock greedily while I was stuffing her dildo up my ass. I was fucking her ass enjoying the feeling of giving me a blowjob.

I felt like I was going to explode in a moment so I pulled my dick out of her mouth and directed it at her face, after a while the sperm shot right at her, right after that another shot of cum in her mouth, it was really a lot of cum. She flooded her face and some hair, was running down her face, and she tried to lick it with her tongue, but smeared most of her hand across her face. After a while she grabbed my cock, taking it straight to her mouth, sucked all the leftover sperm out of it. I like that moment when it is still swollen after draining, very tender and still licked like that. It gave me great pleasure. After a while I took the dildo out of her bottom. We hugged each other tenderly with our naked bodies.
– Was it a little better? – I asked.
“Say nothing” she said softly, enjoying the moment.

It was nice to cuddle so wonderful. However, I still haven’t received an answer …

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