Meeting – friendship and sex

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Meeting – friendship and sex come together very often

erotic and sex stories

Despite the fact that we have known each other for years and we have been associating our friendship with sex for a long time, each new meeting is very much anticipated and always different in a way. Of course, we plan more than once to do this or that, try this or that, but most of the time none of these plans works out, but sex is always wonderful, one could say different, sometimes even a little perverse. We already know each other well in this respect, but every person always has their secrets that are difficult to get out of him, we carefully discover them among ourselves.

This time I was also waiting for him to come home, greeting him as always politely, not always with a kiss, but I already feel that I feel like a devil for her. On the threshold, I would have pulled my dick out and put it in her mouth for a while, at least, but I smile and do nothing. I help her unpack, but I also know that despite talking about nonsense, she is thinking the same thing. Maybe not exactly about giving me a blowjob, but probably about fucking hard on the floor or something no less surprising and disgusting. However, we do nothing, I prepare dinner, I open the wine, we talk about various more or less important matters. I know, however, that sometime this moment will come, that we will make love before we say hello. But not this time …

Hours pass, everyone has already had dinner, a few glasses of wine and a quick bath. Almost always after bathing, she only wears a t-shirt with no panties on. The very thought of sitting down next to me without panties turns me on a lot. However, we still drink wine, we discuss what movie to watch. There is something sadistic about it, instead of going to bed or fucking on the couch in the living room, there is only light caress. Tired of our “games”, we find that we have to go to sleep, although we are not asleep.

When we go to bed we start off without a fuss, some touch kisses and I feel how wet she is, her pussy almost melts ready for my dick. Whenever the juices are flowing out of it intensely, it excites me to hell. I lie down on it and put it in deep, I start to move rhythmically. In the meantime, he takes off his shirt and from her.

I slide my hands under her butt so that I can stick it deeper on my dick, I move rhythmically and feel what pleasure I give her.
He provokes her to profanity, whispers that I should “fuck” her and “put his dick in her cunt” she never said so before so my dick becomes even harder and I would gladly put her even deeper on him. I am waiting if he will surprise me with other words. She feels like these little crap turns her on too. My excitement increases with every words she says, the more spicy the more I’d fuck her harder and deeper.

I wish this evening would not end is wonderful, we are so close to our bodies and we want to stay together forever.
I begin to feel him touching my buttocks, hugging them, squeezing them, and the closer his fingers come closer to my anus, the more the excitement that I thought could not increase any more. I control the excitement not to cum in her pussy because I know well where she wants and I want there too. I press my hips against her hips, because I feel how much she wants to push her finger into my hole, I also want her to put it deeper and for me to be as deep in her as possible during this time. We want to cool down a little, we change positions and I lie down on my back and she sits facing me and starts riding me. She does it as she likes it deeply, sensually, and I try to hold her hips and “press” her on my dick even more.

We have fun for a few minutes, then I ask her to sit upside down and give me a blowjob, she turns a little reluctantly. This position makes her embarrassed and I love to see her pussy and ass in front of my face, touch her with my tongue, look at her very round buttocks. I wish it would sit on my face one day and I will stick my tongue into it. I don’t just think about how many thoughts I have when I look at her like that, how she’s tense over my face.

She started to lick me, suck it, stick it so deep, she hadn’t done that deep before, feeling all these pleasures I enjoyed the sight of her pussy and ass. I felt the taste of wet, so wet pussy, the exciting smell that I so often miss. After a few moments she lay down sideways, I knew what she was expecting now. She’s ready for me to stick it up her ass, it wasn’t hard, her juices flooded my pussy and my cock, it was very wet and ready to slowly slide into her. I did it delicately, stayed for a while for her to get used to it, and after a while I started to gently move her.

I like the sight of it, watching him enter her sexy hole and teasing her pussy at the same time. We made love for a good few minutes until I felt that I couldn’t take it anymore, that she wanted to squirt all my cum up her asshole. Pour it over so that it drips out. After a while I felt myself squirt, pressed my cock deep inside her ass, felt the hot sperm flood her and it softened but still swollen.

I stayed there for a long time, when I wanted to leave, she pressed her buttocks against me, with this gesture she showed me not to do it. After a moment of silence, she commented “okay and again only 15 minutes” and laughed, I looked at the watch, it was 4 am, so we had fun for 3 hours. She saw it, but she liked to tease me like that, and we enjoyed it a lot. We calmly fell asleep knowing that tomorrow would also be a nice day.

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