Sex History part 7. Night fun.

Sex History part 7. Night fun.

I sat tired and bored after working all week. It was a hard week and the last meeting with Ania did not give me peace as well, I couldn’t see what to think about it. Since then, the silence hasn’t called or texted, apparently she didn’t have time or was just plain stupid. In the moment I least expected, I heard the doorbell ring and laughter at the door. What’s up, I haven’t dated anyone. Ania also rather anticipated her visits. I walked quickly to the door, opening it quite abruptly. Ania was standing behind the door with some girl I didn’t know.
– Can you? Ania asked cheerfully.
I thought they were slightly drunk.
– I did not call although I was supposed to call, I did not have time … – She said bursting out laughing and her friend along with her.
– Seriously, I changed jobs and all that crap, problems with Krzysiek, etc. But we are, this is Kasia.
– Hi. – I greeted her by shaking my hand.
We’re not disturbing? – Kasia asked slightly embarrassed, seeing that I was surprised by the visit.
– Don’t ask him, just look at him, where we can disturb him, he is probably sitting alone and watching TV or drinking a glass of wine.

The summary upset me, even though she was right, I wasn’t a party goer and I was reluctant to meet new people.
– If I am so stiff, why are you visiting me?
He had a smile on my face as he asked, so I wouldn’t turn out that I wanted them to go away.
– You know, stiffness also has positive aspects. – Anka fired and Kasia laughed. But about stiffness, maybe you better see what we have later.
Kasia was holding a plastic bag in her hand, by the logo I guessed it was from a liquor store.
– We have a great wine and it’s sweet, just like you like.
– I like semi-sweet, my head is too weak for sweet.
– Mean what? Are you getting drunk
– Well, it is possible.
– Great, I didn’t know, maybe you’ll finally relax, you think too much. Don’t even think today, okay?
– Oh, we’ll live and see.
The girls sat down, I brought glasses and poured the wine. I just had time to look at Kasia, she was pretty pretty, but as you know, it’s a matter of taste. Dark short hair, nice smile looked like a nice girl.
– And I had a crossing with Krzysiek.
– You said you split up.
– Well, you know, first of all, he did not take it to the knowledge and secondly, he must move out, after all, we lived together and there is not very real overnight.
– I understand.

Night fun

The girls started talking about Krzysiek. You can see Kaśka also knew him, and as this topic irritated me, I quickly emptied another glass of wine. And just as I had a feeling, the alcohol probably cut me a bit. My mood quickly improved, which did not escape Ania’s attention.
– In fact, after this sweet wine, you’d be more cheerful.
– I think so, it doesn’t even irritate me that you are talking about Krzysiek.
– Does it annoy you?
– Is that another topic? Suddenly I sobered up a little.
– Paweł doesn’t like Krzysiek lately. – Ania explained.
– Change the subject! – I said definitely.
– We are supposed to choose the topic?
– Well, choose, as long as it is not about your ex or not about it, I do not know.
– But touchy! I have a topic!
– It’s a whack!
– I think you are from pounding.
– How’s he doing pounding? I don’t understand, after the murder? Kaśka inquired with curiosity.
– No Kaśka, he is not pounding, but he can, for example, pound from behind or pound a horse, that’s what I meant 🙂
– Yeah. Kaśka stated with mock seriousness. – He can also go crazy pretending he doesn’t know what pounding is about.
They both laughed out loud.
– But you are funny, but I laughed. I replied sarcastically.
– What are you not banging girls? Remind you?

Alcohol cut me down pretty well, so my self-preservation instinct must have faded, so I entered this word game no less provocatively.
– Fuck, even recently I was pounding from behind.
– Oh please, Pawelek finally showed up what he is. – Kasia fired, laughing out loud.
– In fact last, it was about a week ago. Ania replied.
– Paweł, tell me what it was like. – Kasia was clearly interested in the topic.
– Cool. – I replied briefly looking at Anie.
For a few more minutes we were bantering on various sex topics, 3 bottles of wine quickly disappeared and we were already drunk.
– It’s time for girls to go to bed, it’s close to 3 am, I have one bed, but I can make you sleep in the living room.
– No way, we sleep together, you have a big bed so we can fit.
– Okay. – What else was there to say.
Everyone used the bathroom quickly, the girls wore my T-shirts because they hadn’t planned to stay here. And we went to bed. I wanted to lie down next to Ania, but she said with Kaśka’s approval that I was sleeping in the middle. Without a word, I lay down in the middle of the bed and Ania lay down on the right side.

It’s hard to fall asleep with two half-naked babes, I even wondered if they were wearing their panties or sleeping without them. I felt Ania put her hand on my stomach. It was enough for my cock to twitch. After a while, her hand was in my underpants. She gently stroked my penis, which was getting bigger. I couldn’t stand it and reached under her T-shirt, felt my pussy. So no panties, I thought with satisfaction. I slipped my hand between her thighs and felt the wetness, but the thighs did not part, it was focused on my cock.
I looked to the side to see if Kaśka was asleep, she was slightly leaning against me. I was afraid he would suddenly open his eyes. As if Ania didn’t care, I showed with a gesture that Kaśka was sleeping next to her, but Ania just shrugged and lifted the covers. She slipped my shorts off. The cock was sticking out in Ania’s hand. She started to play with him, but I couldn’t focus, I kept checking if Kaśka had woken up.
– Stop it. – Even growled Anne. Relax, she added in an already warmer tone.

Without a word, she turned her back to me, I knew what she wanted. I moved against her body, slipping my cock from behind into her hole. She arranged it so that I could put my best on it. I pushed her gently, slowly, as quietly as possible, but she grabbed my buttock with her hand and pressed me against her to let me know she wanted more.
I stopped paying attention to Kaśka sleeping next to me, I entered with short movements pressed against her body. I fucked her for a few minutes, she was breathing loudly pressing her ass against my hips like she was saying – deeper. So I was doing deeper and deeper, but I knew I was going to explode in a moment so I got out of it and lay on my back with my cock sticking out.
Ania took it in her hand and started to shake it quickly, despite the excitement, I looked to the side and saw that Kasia was looking at what was happening. I started to climax so I didn’t care, but I felt Kaśka’s thigh rubbing against mine at that moment.
Ania slowed down massaging the cock when it fired hard, the sperm flooded the head of the cock and ran down her clenched hand. She played with it for a while and looked only now at Kasia.
– And you’re awake. – Said slightly surprised, but without embarrassment.
– I’m awake, it’s hard to sleep with you.

Ania removed her puffy hand from my penis.
– I’ll get the towel right away. – I said embarrassed.
– Take your shirt off and it’s a little dirty.
When I took it off she wiped her hand and dick with it. Kasia looked worried, as if she wanted to say – it’s over.
– So we’re sleeping. Ania said, hugging me.
– You can use his arm to sleep. – She turned to Kasia.
– I’d like to. – Kasia replied placing her head on my shoulder.
It paralyzed me a bit. How am I supposed to sleep like this? The girls fell silent and I thought about this strange situation again. I guess you can’t get bored with Ania and have ordinary sex. I felt Kasia’s hand on my thigh and I heard her even breathing. I think he’s asleep and this hand is a coincidence. After a while, its outer part touched my penis and it twitched. I looked at Kasia and it looked like she was sleeping. So it’s probably just a coincidence. I have to fall asleep somehow. – I looked at both girls.

– Hmmm, it looks good. – I muttered with satisfaction.

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