Multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasm

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Orgasm – the moment of the strongest sexual excitement, accompanied by a strong experience of pleasure. Women experience this delight differently than men. The valuable information is that male orgasm is exactly on the verge of ejaculation, not during ejaculation. He is sometimes separated from him by fractions of a second, which is why it’s so hard to believe that they are two different things.
Multiple orgasm means multiple orgasms that come together in quick succession. From a biological point of view, virtually every woman and every man has the ability to experience multiple orgasms.

In our culture, orgasm equates to ejaculation. Meanwhile, over three thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered that a man can experience multiple orgasms by delaying or stopping ejaculation. Orgasms experienced without ejaculation are said to be more enjoyable than ejaculation orgasms. Proper exercise and effort can help you control ejaculation. It’s about capturing the moment that occurs just before you ejaculate. Instead of climax, the excitement must be held back for a while. The effective way is proper breathing. A few slowing breaths, that is, draw in through your nose and out through your mouth. When the breathing is fast and violent, then the work of the heart automatically accelerates, so the excitement increases and, consequently, it becomes more difficult to stop ejaculation.

Sexologists prove that multiple orgasm is dependent on a high level of libido and certain psychosexual predispositions. Valuable advice: during intercourse, your partner should not stop frictional movements after the first wave of pleasure. Continuation of stimulation should also take place when the woman is most aroused. This triggers the delivery of new stimuli that will most likely trigger another orgasm. After an orgasm, a woman may feel even more aroused.

It is also interesting that the male body also has a muscle that is directly responsible for the quality of sexual life. It is the PC – pubo-coccyx muscle, the equivalent of the female Kegel muscle. It is located between the testicles and the anus. It is he who is responsible for ejaculation. And that’s what we use when we want to refrain from urinating so it’s worth exercising the PC muscle. Once you have mastered the ability to tighten and relax it properly, you will be able to control your orgasm and experience multiple bliss.

Scientists have explored the topic of multiple male orgasm. In the 1980s, the sexologists Hartman and Fithian showed that 12% of the men in their study experienced multiple orgasms during one intercourse, preventing ejaculation. Of course, no one will be surprised by the fact that when the men in the research group found out that they had such a potential, their number began to gradually increase.

Important information – the man knows when he will “arrive”. When he reaches the plateau, his muscles begin to tense, his face often grimaces uncontrollably, he breathes faster, feels a build-up of congestion in his genitals, and he knows it’s seconds to ejaculation. During this time, his movements are more rhythmic and faster. In summary, knowing when it will be ejaculation can stop it! Why don’t men do this? Could it be laziness and selfishness?

As for women, it should be emphasized that her ability to experience orgasm changes with the acquisition of sexual experiences. So it’s fair to say that the ability to experience an orgasm is acquired and that a woman is able to learn it. It’s also worth knowing that the same stimuli will not necessarily produce the same effects. Stimulation of the erogenous spheres of a woman may induce a stimulation or inhibition reaction. An obstacle to orgasm may be low body awareness and ignorance. So let’s get to know and explore your own erogenous spheres. Women who have had an orgasm as a result of masturbation, when they “practice” physical intercourse climax faster than women without masturbation experiences.

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