Understand the opposite sex.

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The rush of life imposes certain patterns of behavior. Once upon a time, the rat race did not exist, money was supposed to provide basic needs, it is not only about physiological needs, but also a bit of entertainment and relaxation. Today, making money has become the goal of most people. Often, this rush causes us to miss important parts of life and disturbing signals. Time and fatigue limit us.
We do not notice, for example, that the relationship is falling apart, that the child has serious problems, etc. Cheating is very common today. There are many reasons for it, but it can be safely said that it is a very unpleasant topic. According to the collected statistical data, in Poland they are cheated by approximately 52% of men and 33% of women.

It is worth getting acquainted with the three-factor concept of love of psychologist Robert Sternberg, which assumes that a successful relationship consists of passion, intimacy and commitment. She points out that passion quickly fades away, and intimacy slowly disintegrates over the years if we do not take care of it. She emphasizes that due to the loss of intimacy, routine is born, as you know, routine causes boredom. Betrayal and romance are a large dose of dopamine and oxytocin, that is, revival.

The basis of a relationship for a man is sex. Lack of sex leads to frustration, conflict, and infidelity. It should also be remembered that men cannot read minds. It should be clear what we expect and want. It is also important that men are single-taskers, so you should ask for one thing. After it is done, you can ask for another one. It is also a fact that men, unlike women, are sensitive to their ambition. They have this trait from a time when, as hunters, they provided the family and felt more important than their women. Many years have passed, life has changed, and they still hate to listen to our requests in the form of commands.

A woman is saturated with emotions that change depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it is difficult to rationally explain her behavior. Unfortunately, their motives may be different every day. They are often unable to explain it themselves. It is also worth knowing that for them “love” is extremely important. Sex often plays a secondary role, which is why they are not so eager to initiate intercourse. It’s not that they don’t like him, they love him. Especially when you initiate it.
A woman likes to be adored. She loves tenderness, care and help in duties that she often has too much. It will pay off! Men’s efforts will be appreciated. The woman is willing to repay and reward her.

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