My boyfriend’s crash

My boyfriend’s crash.

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I was turning 30, I was in a relationship with an attractive man who did not want to change his life. A loose, informal relationship was enough for him. We have been together for 5 years. It didn’t bother me either, but I wanted to start a family. I earned very well, I had a small house. I did, because at the age of 28 I repaid the loan. My guy didn’t add a single zloty to it, but I always said it was our home. I kept saying that until I caught him with some bum in our bedroom. Come back, my bedroom.

I felt bad since the morning. I was thinking about going to work. I had quite important meetings, so they dispelled all my doubts. I swallowed a handful of powders and set off into battle. Unfortunately, hour by hour I felt worse so I canceled the last, least important meeting. On my way back from work, I drove over to a doctor I knew, who examined me. Nothing major was going on, sore throat and something in the bronchi. He prescribed medications and advised me to lie in bed for a while. I thanked you for everything.

I met him at some corporate event, we’ve known each other for 4 years. She is still surviving his wife’s death, she died in an accident two years ago. But now she smiles much more often. I visited the pharmacy and went home. There I was shocked, I opened the door and heard voices as I entered. Interrupted sentences, moans, it only indicated one thing – sex. I went upstairs without saying anything, the sounds were more intense. I opened the bedroom door and saw my boyfriend playing with some girl. I’ve heard strange explanations that it doesn’t mean it’s a girl on the phone sex. After a few hours, there was no trace of him in my house.

House visit

I was in bed with a high fever and no one at home. It’s good that I bought all my medications, I didn’t have to leave the house. It’s been 4 days and no improvement. So it was Monday to work, and I was barely alive. I called my doctor and asked for a home visit. Of course, I apologized for disturbing Sunday’s peace. Two hours later he was at my place, he auscultated me and prescribed me more medications. He informed me that I absolutely must stay home for a few more days. He was about to leave so I quickly asked him to buy me medication and his face showed surprise. And Bartek? I answered briefly, Bartek is no longer in my life.

After a few minutes, Rafał was with drugs. He prepared the potions and handed them to me. He also brought lunch and some citrus. He also made supplies for dinner and breakfast. He sat with me for a dozen more minutes and left.

I ate lunch with great appetite, I hadn’t eaten anything since Saturday afternoon, so more than a day has passed since the last meal. I was really glad that I called Rafał. He turned out to be a great friend, you could even say a friend. Thinking about it, I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up until the next day, I couldn’t believe I was sleeping so much. I immediately went to eat breakfast and take my medication. I looked at the flickering phone. I have read the message: Hello. Drugs taken? I replied immediately: Yes, of course.

I took a hot shower, changed my pajamas, and headed back to bed. I felt much better. I was even interested in a documentary that I watched in full. After it I fell asleep, I was woken up by the sound of the doorbell. I put on my bathrobe and went down to open it sleepily. Rafał stood in the doorway with a smile on his face and a plastic bag in his hand. He announced that he had brought dinner and fresh fruit and groceries. I was wondering what time it was. My thoughts were interrupted by the question: Shall we go in? I woke up and immediately replied: welcome. I glanced at my watch and couldn’t believe my eyes, it was already 4pm.

Rafał, seeing the plates on top, put dinner on. I was surprised because he prepared for himself. Will you let us eat together? What else could I say: I would be very pleased. For the next minutes I was not talking, we ate almost in silence, and after lunch my guest put the dishes in the dishwasher and prepared me some medications, which I dutifully swallowed.

I sincerely thanked you for your help. I heard: I have to go to work, I will visit you tomorrow. He left and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth so I could go back to bed. I felt very tired, what Rafał meant that he was losing his time, I didn’t ask for help. Of course, I was very pleased that he showed up, that he took care of me. Due to this disease, I didn’t even have the strength to think about Bartek. I promised myself that I would not think about him, it is not worth it.

Despite the decisions on the next day, when I felt better, I was already thinking about Bartek. I missed him, we had our plans, he was with me almost every day. I wondered what I was doing wrong and how he could do it to me, and still at my home. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bell …

A few days passed before I decided to call Rafał. I figured I should invite him to dinner as a thank you. After a few minutes, we made an appointment for the evening, he was just off duty.

I have prepared a delicate lasagne. He came at the appointed time. I offered wine but he declined as he came by car. Time passed in a nice atmosphere. Dinner was over so we said goodbye. I did not expect that it would be such a short visit, I could sit longer, it was Saturday evening.

In this situation, I decided to rest, so I took the book and went to the bedroom. The reading was interesting, so the sound of the doorbell that I heard made me a little nervous. With great reluctance I went to the door. I looked through my peephole in disbelief, Rafał was standing in the doorway. After opening the door, I heard:

– Today is Saturday night, tomorrow I have a day off. Maybe we’ll spend it together?

– Yes of course. Invite.

As he entered, he handed me a bottle of wine. I handed it back to him along with the corkscrew and asked to open it. He opened it, I prepared lamps which he filled with open wine. We went to the living room where I sat on a less comfortable armchair.

Rafał had the remote controls in front of him, so he asked if he could turn on the TV. We looked at the TV while talking, it was really nice. I haven’t felt so well for a long time. Today I looked at Rafał completely different. A handsome and interesting man. I was dreaming a bit, I think the wine worked on me.

The movie ended, so Rafał started looking for something else. A sex phone advertisement appeared on the screen. I grew serious, I remembered Bartek.

– Sex with the phone Bartek explained his betrayal. Means she’s a girl for phone sex and that doesn’t mean anything.

– Today there are no bad memories!

After these words, he got up and filled the lamps with wine. Only now did I notice that we practically drank the entire contents of the bottle. After we finished the wine, I went to prepare my famous drink. Famous because everyone liked it. A mixture of 3 alcohols and a lot of mint and lime. I wondered if the doctor liked it. First sip and:

-Very good, I haven’t had one like that yet.

We were laughing again while talking. Suddenly Rafał got up and approached me. With a swift movement, he pulled up my silk blouse and took off my favorite lace bra. I did not protest. He grasped her nipples, then squeezed and massaged her swollen breasts. I felt a little prick in my vagina and felt wet. He caressed my breasts for a few minutes, then even more efficiently slipped my pants and panties off. I was sitting naked and insecure in a moderately comfortable armchair. He widened my legs, despite the awkward situation I got excited, a lot of moisture appeared.

-Ooh, I see you’re ready.
Despite the smile on his face, I felt ashamed. The fact that she could see my excitement made me feel more and more embarrassed. He did not care and put his left hand on my abdomen, giving a little pressure. After a while, he slipped two fingers in, still pressing down on his abdomen. These caresses lasted a long time.

Unexpectedly he took his fingers out, I tried to stifle a groan. With two fingers, he spread my labia, watched with undisguised excitement. Without any sign, he put his two fingers inside me again, hitting my tender point, massaging it from the inside. It was very nice, I refrained from climaxing. He took out his fingers, his thumb began to move, lightly pressing the other hole. After a while, I felt more pressure on her. He pushed harder, his thumb landing in his tight ass. Meanwhile, Rafał was massaging my protruding nipples. It was very nice! He pulled a finger from my hot ass and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. I did not know what to do. I figured I should get dressed. I reached for my panties, but didn’t have time to put them on.

He approached me quickly and slid his fingers inside me again. He caressed my interior with great dexterity and rubbed my clitoris with his thumb. I felt a great pleasure, I knew that I was going to climax. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down a little. I couldn’t, soft moans were coming out of my mouth. I was moaning and panting louder every moment. He pressed the third finger, I could feel my pussy tightening on them. I directed my hand towards his fly, but he swung up deftly, I didn’t understand.

I felt my nipples throbbing, felt my pussy burn. I was losing consciousness with excitement. He watched me come, pressed a hand against my clitoris. He howled with delight as the doctor’s agile fingers lunged. I felt a contraction so strong that I thought I would crush his fingers. It was the strongest orgasm and the strongest contractions in my life so far. I writhed in spasms, felt ashamed after orgasm. I didn’t know what to say. I was wondering what words would be right after what I allowed.

-I hope for rematch. And not only…

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