Football fan

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Football fan

Erotic Story

I was sitting at home a little impatient. A colleague from work was about to come over. Coincidentally, during the lunch break, we agreed that she was a football fan and we agreed from word to word to watch the match of our national team. Overall, I wasn’t a fan of football, but if you saw it, you would also become a fan of any sport that interests it. I just wanted to spend some time alone with her. A young, attractive girl who dresses sexy and is hard not to look at if you pass her on the street.


The time of the game was approaching and she was gone. Finally I heard the doorbell. – I’m sorry for being late. – It’s okay, match in 5 minutes. – As an apology, I brought wine. – I also prepared something. I pointed to a table with glasses of wine and snacks prepared. – That’s enough for us.

She smiled sincerely as she said that. I didn’t sense if this was a joke or if he really wanted to drink that much. I didn’t think about it any longer, I was looking at her, and there was something to look at. She dressed very sexy. A short skirt, a tight blouse and light makeup. She looked beautiful. I showed her my modest apartment, poured wine and we sat down to the game. I watched her closely and saw little interest in the game in her eyes. I couldn’t stand it and in the middle of the game, after drinking the first bottle of wine, I asked: – You don’t like the game? – I don’t like football very much. – How’s that? I was surprised because I heard something completely different at work. – I just thought you liked soccer like any guy. It was a good way to invite myself 🙂
– I understand.
– I replied with a smile and felt very pleasant.
Monika was pretty drunk already, and so was I.
We were already halfway through the second bottle of wine and felt more and more at ease. I used to be a bit uncomfortable with her beauty, and now I felt completely at ease, and so was she.
Our players were not doing very well, they were winning, but it did not look very attractive. Lots of chaos, inaccurate passes and torment with an average opponent. We commented on the game in a rather malicious way, which amused us a lot, and finally Monika said I should play something else or music better.
– Today I have completely different interests than this game.
– So what? Each glass of wine reduced our distance on the sofa. At first we sat almost to the extreme distance from each other on the couch, and now we sat very close, slightly rubbing.
– Today I’m more interested in you and your …
– What?
– With my dick. She finished, and I felt her hand against my crotch. Pull him out. I swallowed and without a word I unzipped my fly, and after a while I pulled my dick out. It was ready, in all its glory.
Monika leaned in my direction and after a while she was holding it in her mouth. She started sucking me off. I felt him stick it deep into his mouth.
He holds a moment, then pulls out and lick his head with his tongue. In this way, she played with him for a few minutes. At that time, I reached under her skirt and panties.
I felt the warmth of her pussy, it was very soft to the touch and getting wetter. I slid two fingers into it and began to move them rhythmically. Monika sucked a hard cock even more greedily. We had fun with each other for a good 15 minutes when she finally stopped blowjob and suddenly stood up.
She stood in front of me taking off her panties and throwing them on the floor.
I sat opposite with my prick on top, slightly straddling. She turned her back to me, pulled up her skirt, and I saw her plump buttocks. She sat on me, grabbed my cock and with a smooth movement put it into my pussy.
She started to stuff herself. I put my hands on her hips and together we controlled her rhythmic fucking with my penis.
We fucked for quite a long time until I finally felt him coming. I heard her whisper:
– Cum in me.
Monika was getting on a dick faster and faster, moaning louder and louder. I felt it coming. I shot right into her pussy with hot cum.
With each subsequent movement, she slowed down slightly, and my sperm was still gushing inside her, I had a lot of it. I finally finished and she stopped hoping for my cock. Now she was just sitting on him. In the end, Monika got off me, sat down next to me. We were silent for a moment, the alcohol probably evaporated slightly, but it didn’t matter.
We were both very relaxed.
– Can I stay with you overnight? – Sure.
– It’s fun because I didn’t really plan to come back.
– she said with a smile.

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