Pass statistics – sex with the professor

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Acute statistics – sex with the professor.

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The semester was ending and the deadline for passing the statistics, which I had problems with, was approaching inexorably. Total failure, nothing came out, I learned and learned, unfortunately without any great results.
As I thought, the exam failed, it was necessary to set an individual date for correction.

The amendment is scheduled for Thursday in about two weeks. I tried to study for several hours each day. I was doing a little better, but I was still not sure if I would get this ungrateful statistic. The exam day has come. I dressed in an elegant but delicate and airy dress like I never let my hair down.

There weren’t many unfortunates in front of me, so after a few quarters of an hour I was asked to come to the room. I walked in with great uncertainty and fear, the professor was sitting at the desk. He was quite handsome, he must have been 43 years old. He pointed to a place where I should sit and then gave the problems to be solved. I looked at them in disbelief, they were worse than the exam. I could hardly do anything, I sat and stared blankly at the paper. I already knew the statistics were going to fail, I was wondering what would happen next. I couldn’t afford to fail a term.
The professor got up and approached me, looked at my virtually empty piece of paper. He gently stroked my hair and said we could arrange it in a different, more pleasant way. I was silent, I didn’t know what to say or what to do. After a while he yanked my hair so that I tilted my head back. He came closer, I felt his hard cock against my back. With a lot of uncertainty, I turned around, and he ordered to unbutton his fly, when I did, I saw a very swollen cock.

As instructed, I slipped his boxers off and he pressed my head against his crotch. The headstock rode across my face with increasing impatience. I knew what I wanted so I parted my lips. As soon as I did that, he put it in them immediately. His movements were very gentle, as if he was checking the terrain. I heard – you are working on your assessment. I knew what that meant, so I immediately became more involved. I sucked it as best I could. I pushed him to the very throat to give him the greatest pleasure. He moved me more with each passing moment, regardless of the fact that I was choking. After a few minutes, he pressed my head against him and sperm flooded my throat. It was a completely new experience for me. With no other choice, I swallowed every drop of his semen.

He knelt in front of me and put his hand in my panties, which he soon slipped off. Of course, I helped him in this by lifting my firm ass up. He began to lick me and penetrate my pussy thoroughly. He hammered in as far as he could. I noticed his penis came to attention again. I groaned with pleasure, but he immediately silenced me. It was not known if anyone was waiting outside the door. He thrust three fingers brutally into the already very wet pussy. After a few moves, I was ready to accept his bulky cock. He pulled his fingers out of his horny pussy and offered me his hand. I got up and he turned and tilted me so that I rested my hands on the bench. Without unnecessary waste of time, he crashed into me for the balls. He fucked me fast and decisively, killing me to the end. His sperm-filled balls pounded against my buttocks. He leaned over me, kissing my neck occasionally biting it. He moved to the perfect rhythm, I murmured softly.

Suddenly he pulled him out of me. He took a bottle from the desk next to it. I felt him begin to lubricate my slit tighter. With a certain movement, he put his finger in the other hole. I’ve never had anal sex. I heard – if you accept it politely, you will pass the five-digit correction. I thought there would be some “foreplay” but he pushed his giant into my tight anus without any sign. Very deep and very strong. I groaned in pain, it hurt so bad. Probably because his cock was huge. Fortunately, it became more and more enjoyable with each passing moment. His hands went towards the pussy. He began to massage the swollen clitoris with excitement and put his fingers inside my hot pussy. I was close to climax, I felt a delightful wave spreading over my body. He kept on fucking my tight hole for a dozen more minutes. After these several minutes, I felt a warm, thick sperm flooding my entire bottom. I felt his semen ooze, running down my thighs. He handed me a handkerchief so I could wash myself off. He slapped me on the butt at the end saying – the amendment passed very well, no one has passed so well. I improved my appearance a bit.

The professor handed me a piece of paper with solved problems and asked me to move to the next bench and rewrite it as soon as possible because my exam took too long. I wrote and he went out to the corridor to check what was going on. Two people remained and he asked to come in. They were given two simple tasks, I was furious.

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