Surprising Sex With Grace

Surprising Sex With Grace.

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I didn’t like lonely evenings, so I went out often. I didn’t have a permanent partner, but it didn’t bother me. Apparently my character is not light. When my colleague from work came to me unannounced, I had no idea that I would have such an evening, but maybe from the beginning.
The moment the bell rang, I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting any guests. I drank wine while watching a silly comedy. Through the peephole, I saw Grace, a very open and cheerful girl. I didn’t know her very well, we were hardly alone. We’ve been to a few company events, but nothing else. I saw her very often at work. Most of the time, a smile was on the face of the face.

I opened the door and heard her warm voice:
– I was around. Can I come in, do you have any plans for tonight?
– Sure come in! I’m watching a movie.
I invited her in. Grace did not visit me often, I would even say that she did occasionally (she gave me documents sometimes), and here was such an unexpected visit.
– Would you like some wine?
– I’d like to. What movie is this?
– I don’t know the title. It goes on like that, even a little funny.
We sat rather silently sipping wine, and the movie made us laugh every now and then. The first bottle was empty after an hour.
I opened a new bottle and Grace asked:
– I can? – Pointing at the remote control.
– Yes.

I was afraid of Grace reaction when she switches to an erotic channel or a porn movie. I had a few decoded porn channels in my TV package, and from that side she didn’t really know me. She was flying through the channels looking for a movie, and I was watching her with interest. She was sitting in a light dress. Her body looked very sensual and appetizing. There were various thoughts in my head. I would like to stuff her tits and cipeczkę. I knew the porn channels were about to start so decided to give a warning.
– It’s still erotic and porn channels.
– They are no strangers to me. She replied.
Despite the alcohol I had drunk, I felt a lot of discomfort. After a while, on the first porn channel, we saw some chick sucking cock.
– Nimble has that tongue. – She said.
I didn’t see what to say.
Grace was pretty drunk.
What sex do you like – I dared to ask.
– I like rough sex. I am turned on by the men who rule me, treat me like a bitch and a whore.
– Not bad.
– Of course, in life, he must respect me. – She added as if she wanted to explain herself.

After a short silence, Grace leaned back against the armchair, pulled down her panties, and unfolded her legs. My cock stopped immediately. The sight of her shaved pussy touched me very much. I wanted to fuck her immediately, but I didn’t know if I could afford it. She provocatively put her finger in her pussy. After a moment, she took it out and licked it, then put it on again. I couldn’t stand it. I walked over to her, pulled my dick out and shoved her dick right into her pussy. Immediately sharp and deep, but she was so wet that it did not make the slightest impression on her.
– You wanted that? – I asked.
She didn’t answer, just stuck in even more. I was uncomfortable so I pulled my cock out and turned her over. She rested her hands on the chair and I reloaded my cock into my wet cunt. He walked in all the way, I hit her ass with my hand and fucked hard, slapping her on her protruding ass every now and then. After fucking like this, I wet my finger and slipped it into her anus. She groaned slightly, and I licked my fingers and rubbed against her sphincter. After a while, I was pressing my dick into her firm ass.
– Stand out more! Even harder bitch!
The dick came in all right. I fucked her as deep as I could, she moaned with delight.
– Today you are my bitch!
– I’m your bitch and bitch! She confirmed aloud.
I felt her body tremble, I massaged her hot cunt, I knew she was just coming. After a while, I pulled my dick out.
– Kneel, bitch!
As she did, I shot my sperm right in her face and it started running down her cheeks and chin. Grace tried to lick whatever sperm was left on my cock.
When we finished and the emotions subsided without a word, a bit embarrassed, we went to bathe.



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