Popular erotic fantasies

Popular erotic fantasies.

Most of us, regardless of gender, like to fantasize about erotic subjects. Erotic fantasies are no less shared by both men and women. Below we present the most popular erotic fantasies.

The number one erotic fantasy among men is threesome sex with two women. It is rather not surprising, most men fantasize about it. In contrast, almost 60% of heterosexual women fantasize about having sex with another woman.

The second popular fantasy with both women and men is when their partner takes control of sex. Partner domination by some studies is even the most popular erotic fantasy.

Voyeurism is the third popular fantasy among men and women. We are excited to be able to see other people without their knowledge while having sex or masturbation. Over 43 percent of the respondents confirmed that they had realized this type of fantasy.

The fourth fantasy that will surely not surprise you is sex in a public place. Over 80% of women and men have such fantasies. The thrill and exhibitionism increase the excitement factor, which is probably why it is such a popular fantasy.

The last of the fantasies presented today that are very popular with both sexes is romantic sex with a partner. It turns out that both women and men want sex that is becoming less and less frequent due to today’s “herded” lifestyle.

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