Coquettish friend’s girlfriend

Coquettish friend’s girlfriend

This is a story from many years ago, when I was 25 and my friend Tomek, who started bringing his few years younger girlfriend to our social gatherings. She was very pretty sexy and she was barely 19 years old, but she was the type of girl that doesn’t introduce herself to her mother, I guess you understand what I mean, there was something about her hmm … “fucking” is probably the most accurate word.
Let’s go back to history … after several meetings in which Klaudia participated / because that was her name / where we were sitting mainly on the couch, drinking drinks, joking and telling different stories, I noticed that her eyes often landed on my crotch and it did not seem to be a coincidence. And suddenly, during one of the meetings with her man, we always sat the three of us, she leaned towards me, stretched out her hand and grabbed my crotch! As soon as she grabbed hold of it, she withdrew her hand saying “I had to feel myself” and laughed out loud.
I looked confused at my friend, but he laughed with a slightly sour face, saying “she’s drunk”, but it was strange anyway. After this incident, they went home quickly, and after a few weeks I found out that they were no longer together.

About six months have passed since those events, and when I was returning home, I once met Klaudia on the street, when I was entering the staircase. I barely met her, she was changed and even more beautiful.

  • Hi Pawelek. she called out to me happily, she was so joyful that I wondered if it was sometimes after using something. From the conversation it turned out that she was having a beer with friends and is just coming home.
    We talked for a while until Klaudia started shifting her legs strangely.
  • I want to pee, she said, and I will not make it home. Can they use your toilet? – she asked.
  • Of course. – Saying this, I let her go first to the stairwell.
  • Second floor. – I said.
  • I know i remember. she replied.

I watched her ass with great interest as she climbed the stairs in front of me. She wore a tight thigh-length dress and a very nice round and shapely butt. Through the thin fabric of the dress, I could see the lines of her underwear. I regretted that we were only going to the second floor and not 10, it was nice to admire her bottom.
When we got there, she quickly ran to the bathroom and I took a beer from the fridge, hoping she would have some left over.
She came out of the bathroom smiling even more.

  • Better right away! – she said.
  • Remember when I grabbed your crotch? she asked, taking the beer in her hand.
  • I remember.
  • I didn’t apologize for that.
  • You don’t have what it was, maybe it was surprising, but I would lie if I said that it was not nice.
  • I’m fascinated by dicks, seriously, I don’t know why, but I had to touch him for a moment.
  • Her directness surprised me and I didn’t know what to say, so I suggested we sit down.
    She sat down on the couch and opposite the armchair. Her skirt swung up a little, revealing more of her beautiful legs and her thighs slightly parted and I saw her skimpy panties.
    When I looked up, she was watching me. I felt embarrassed for a moment, then realized she was wearing that “fucking” smile again.
    I got confused and felt stupid.
  • You also like to peek! she said with a smile.
  • Sorry, you have beautiful legs.
  • You weren’t looking at your legs, just your panties.
  • Fact.
  • I touched you, you can also me and we will be even.
  • There’s no need to.
    “Come on,” she said, spread her legs wide and I saw her skimpy white panties even more clearly.

I walked over and leaned over her and put my hand on her crotch, I felt the warmth of her pussy. When I was about to withdraw her hand, she put her hand on my hand, whispering:

  • You can feel it.
    “I prefer to lick it,” I said, and my head ended up between the balls of her thighs, I pushed my panties back to get to her pussy. She was completely shaved and I started to lick her on the top of her labia until I finally felt her press my head against my crotch, I put my tongue inside her.
  • Show me your cock. she finally said after a few minutes of doing her right.
    I stood up without saying a word, the taste of her pussy still in my mouth. I unbuttoned my pants pulling my dick out. I thought she would grab him right away, but she didn’t get up, straightened up and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. It was just like a kiss, but there was something kinky about it, after penetrating my mouth for a long time, I felt that he was taking my cock in his hand and starting to move it. We kissed passionately and at that time she was rhythmically pounding my horse until she finally broke off, moving away a bit from me.
    Looking at me with that strange smile of hers, she got naked. Now I could appreciate her flawless young body even more. She was beautiful and shapely.
    I wanted to undress too, but she stopped me.
  • No need, I don’t want to get sperm on my dress. Saying this, she crouched down in front of my crotch and started sucking me off. She grabbed my hand and put it on her head. I knew what she meant, she wanted me to press her against my crotch.
    She sucked me passionately and I pressed her head until she was choking at times. When I let her go to catch her breath, she looked at me with satisfaction, then went back to the blow job again. I knew I didn’t want intercourse so I finally fired a volley of sperm.
    There was a lot of it, so she flowed a little from her mouth corners, because she did not manage to swallow it all, getting up, wiped it with her finger and licked her finger.
  • Well, I got another dick. she said pleased.
  • When we meet one day, I promise sex.
    Now I have to go because Tomek is waiting for me. – she added.
  • Our Tomek? I asked surprised.
    “What, don’t you know we’re back together again?”
    My barks fell a little, because I wouldn’t have behaved like that today in my life.
  • I see your embarrassment, don’t worry, I like dicks and that’s it.
    Klaudia’s phone rang.
    “Speak of the wolf,” she said, showing me the phone.
    Now Silence, she put her finger to her lips as she said it and picked up the phone after a moment.
  • Hello Darling.
  • Yes, I know I’m late, but she was in the store.
  • Do not be nervous, I will reward you for this …
  • How is it? You know how I like ice cream …

I didn’t really want to hear it anymore, but fortunately they ended the conversation and Klaudia kissed my mouth goodbye and of course felt my dick.
In the evening the phone rang and it was Tomek.
I did not pick up without hesitating what to say. After a while, a text message came.
“I’m with Klaudia again, you know which one. Maybe we’ll meet three of you? Tell me”
It must be Klaudia’s work, I thought with a smile.
After a while, from an unknown number, I received a text message “I can still taste your sperm the next time you fuck me. Okay?”.
It was obvious it was Klaudia, but I didn’t write back. I was wondering what to do with all of this …

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