Saturday Triangle – story

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Saturday triangle – Erotic story

It was Saturday evening, complete relaxation, peace and quiet. I listened to music, browsed websites while sipping wine. It’s been a long time since I had such a quiet evening. My girlfriend Gosia went shopping with her friends, she also needed a little different company than just mine.

Saturday Triangle
When it was 21, I heard a lock opening the door, and after a while I heard voices and laughter of Gosia and her new friend Monika.
– We are – Gosia shouted and after a while the girls with a pile of plastic bags entered.
– What are you so happy? Did they give anything for free?
– You can only get it in the face for free. – Monika said with a smile.
– After shopping, we visited the pub for a while and it was all the beer – Gosia explained.
– Oh, this is the kind of shopping – I stated, pretending that I do not like it.
Gosia looked at me.
– Can not?
– Am I saying something? – I asked cheerfully.
– You don’t have to say anything, I can see. – She stated.
– I’m kidding. – I laughed hard.
– I’m drinking myself wine. – I added.
– And which? Monika asked, very interested.
– I don’t even know how it is, but it is red for sure. Pour you?
– Still asking?
– We’ve got something too. Monika took out two bottles of wine with a quick movement.
– Well, now I know that it was a successful shopping – I replied cheerfully.
I spilled the wine and handed the girl glasses. We sat comfortably on the couch and I watched in amazement at their total ease.
– Oh, it wasn’t one beer each?
– But we didn’t say one each – They both laughed.

– Two beers, I bet?
– Hmm, you know honey, it was almost 3 beers each. Gosia replied.
– Then be careful, this wine can kill you. – I laughed.
– Just don’t mess with me here – I added.
– We? In life, they almost replied in chorus.
Gosia cuddled up to me and Monika took out the clothes they had bought. They delighted with their purchases, and I feigned a strong interest commenting on every now and then watching a certain outfit so that they would know that I was on the subject. There is nothing worse than women feeling not interested in their purchases.
“I bought you something, too,” said Gosia.
– What?
– Three pairs of boxers.
She pulled out a box of men’s underwear.
– Thank you very much.
– Aren’t you trying? Monika asked.
– No, not the covenant. – I replied cheerfully hiding the underwear on the shelf.
– It’s a pity. – Gosia added clearly indented.
The evening went by quickly and the girls were getting drunk more and more. Gosia cuddled closer to me and Monika kept talking and talking. She was very cheerful and her stories made us laugh a lot.

However, Gosia was more and more interested in me than in Monika’s stories, she gently kissed me from time to time on the neck and on the mouth. As if Monika’s voice was just some background for Gosia, she was already in “her world”. At one point she put her hand on my fly, my cock twitched.
“We have a visitor,” I said quite emphatically.
However, it did not discourage Gosia.
– What kind of guy is this my friend. – She stated.
– Exactly, no guest with me.
Gosia didn’t take her hand off my crotch, but put one finger into the fly and pulled it down, after a while my fly was open.
Monika fell silent looking at us, or rather how I saw my crotch. She reached for her glass and poured herself some wine. Gosia unbuttoned the pants button and my shorts and the bulge in them appeared. My dick was standing, I was very excited and the situation with Monika sitting opposite watching the whole situation stopped bothering me. It was even more exciting.

Gośka pulled my dick out of her shorts, it was sticking out in her hand. Soon she was moving her hand. She put her head on my stomach, sticking my dick in her mouth, started sucking it, I was breathing loudly with excitement. Monika watched the scene in silence. Gosia licked the tip of the cock, pressing the tongue under the skin, teasing his head, and after a while she put it all over her mouth again until it completely disappeared in her mouth. I looked at Monika, and she at me, I felt that she was aroused and probably slightly paralyzed from excitement or from the alcohol she had drunk. Gosia kept sucking me, I was massaging her breasts, I was touching her pussy through my clothes, but she didn’t let anything else, I sensed that she just wanted to caress my dick, she was doing it more confidently, definitely, even ruled me. She sucked me off, but it was like I was now her sex toy. Some kind of fake cock to play with.
She was turned on by my excitement that he could control me even if he would eventually let me cum, that was how it felt. She played with my dick like that for a good 20 minutes until she finally sped up by slapping my dick with my hand, I shot out hot sperm, flooding her hand and a little bit of her blouse. Slowly she smeared the sperm over my cock and belly, playing with my cock for a moment. She looked at Monika, whose emotions you can see still have not subsided, she had flushed face.
– Behind you is a cupboard, please give us a towel.
– Of course.
After a while she brought a towel and stood over us.
– I’ll wipe your blouse, it’s dirty. – She said.
She gently wiped the remnants of sperm from her blouse with a towel, I was still sitting with my dick on top, Monika, embarrassed, did not even look at him, and I couldn’t really get up, Gosia was leaning against me.

– You can also wipe it if you want. She pointed at me.
Without a word, Monika started to wipe my sperm from my belly with a hesitant movement, my cock twitched.
Gosia looked at him saying aloud:
– Lie down!
– Come on? I am doing nothing. – I was flustered.
Monika wiped me quickly and not very thoroughly, you could see her embarrassment, although she did not refuse, you can see that she wanted to do it. Gosia got up and after a while I was able to get up and zip up my pants.
– You know what? It was awesome – said Monika. Can I go to the bathroom? I also have my needs.
“Sure you can,” Gosia replied with a laugh.
Only now did I see that he was barely standing. What will it be tomorrow? For a moment I thought, she’d probably be pissed that I let her do it. They all pound on me and she’ll say she was drunk.
What about, but it won’t be until tomorrow….


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