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In men, less and less a wild pet, lust, desire to have a woman. Failure to meet all the order, without inhibitions or fuss. Sometimes women like it too, and they even want it silently, although they rarely talk about it aloud. I just had such a day, full of lust and thoughts about sex, my dick was giving itself every now and then standing shamelessly in my pants. I couldn’t wait for Joanna to come back, I had an overwhelming urge to fuck her as soon as she stepped into the door.

I heard the click of the lock being opened, so, overwhelmed by lust, I stood in the hall waiting for her entrance. She came in a little surprised to see that I was already at home. I walked over to her, pressing her against the recently closed door.
She sensed my intentions saying, “Why don’t you let me take my coat off first?”

No. I replied, slipping my hand under the coat and her dress, only to have my hand in her panties after a while. I felt her velvety pussy delicate, soft and warm, and after a while wet. I squeezed two fingers into her, they went deep, pulled out after a while to give her a lick of the taste of my interior. Joanna was already very excited, but probably also a bit embarrassed, she did not expect such a greeting. She slipped my fingers into her mouth, licking them from her lenses. My dick stood very excited, Joanna pulled my pants open, after a while pulling my hard to the maximum penis.

I didn’t wait for more, not seeing that she was in a coat, I put her on the floor, rolling up my dress, I entered with a sharp movement, pressed her hands to the floor as if I wanted to bind them, and with sharp movements I fucked her pussy. She was very hot, probably the coat was also dirty, but she did not protest, she surrendered to my desires, fucking her on the floor like that, I heard her strong, excited breathing and soft moans.

I was too excited to fuck her like that, I wanted to loosen up to cool down a bit not to interrupt this situation. I left her to lick her pussy in a moment, with my head between her thighs, I licked the whole pussy trying to reach with my tongue to her asshole, sticking my tongue under her ass.

She was very wet, and I was pressing my lips against her cunt, I felt that my face was covered with its juices, which turned me on even more. I continued licking reaching every nook and cranny of her stomata. I felt that despite the pleasure she was already wanting my cock again, I slipped higher, wrapping her cock in her pussy again.

I kept her hands pressed to the floor and fucked her with sharp and even brutal movements. I fucked her without saying a word, pressing my body firmly against her body, she had no movement, she was only relying on me. I could fuck her as much as I wanted and she was passive.
I loosened giving her a little breath, no longer rubbed her body so hard, after a while I turned her over onto her stomach, rolled up her coat and skirts, I saw her plump asshole. I licked my hand, wiping her second hole with saliva, and after a while he entered her anus with his dick, she moaned slightly, but after a while she stuck out more asshole as if encouraging even more to fuck her ass.
I was already banging her hard, my dick disappeared completely inside her, it was so nice. Bumping my hips against her buttocks, I felt my cock sink completely into her asshole, I wanted to cum into her and after a while my hot sperm burst inside her, feeling it I slipped from inside so that the remaining sperm shot at her asshole. And so it happened, I saw white streams of sperm trickling down her buttocks, right onto her coat.
I got up, and after a while Joanna was standing on her feet, slightly bewildered. My dick was still sticking out covered in semen dripping onto my eggs. Joanna squatted, taking it to her mouth, began to lick the remnants of sperm from my cock, he was very sensitive to every touch of her tongue. The tension eased slowly. Joanna stood up without a word, taking off her coat. Wild sex :), I think she liked it – I thought.

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