Sex while traveling – rough sex.

Sex while traveling – rough sex.

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We haven’t been with my Kuba for a long time. Our sex somehow faded, provocations and sex fun disappeared. I offered to go to Sopot for two days, of course I met with a lot of opposition, but I did not give in. On Thursday we were packed to leave on Friday right after work.
The long-awaited Friday came, I was faster so I only took a shower and prepared dinner and snacks for the road. Kuba came for me an hour so I chased him to the shower and I warmed up the dinner myself. After less than an hour, we closed the door. There was a four-hour journey ahead of us.
We drove practically without words, and to relax the atmosphere I put my hand on Cuba’s crotch.

-I’m driving!

I was not discouraged by his words, although I was fed up with his behavior. I was wondering if it still made sense, since it is so hard for him with everything. I thought to myself that if he spoke to me in that tone again, I would talk to him differently.
My hand was still on Cuba’s crotch and I moved it gently. This time I did not meet with any opposition. We drove like this for a longer while. Cuba suddenly turned into a field road that led to a small forest, I saw him from a distance. We stopped almost at the beginning of the forest.Be right back.
I got out of the car to stretch my legs, we had been driving for three hours. I didn’t notice when Kuba returned, but I felt his touch, he definitely leaned me forward, to keep my balance, I leaned against the car. After a while I had my panties pulled down and his cock in my pussy. He burst into me without a word, not looking if I felt like it. I was furious when I put my hand on his dick it was a big grudge, and he ruthlessly stuck my cock.

-What is this ?!

-Calm down! I’ll fuck you any way you want!
He entered me even more sharply. He grabbed my hair and began to pull. He picked up only the eggs that were bumping against me. His cock was digging into my already wet pussy and I started to moan. I felt a slap on my bottom.

-And what do you like, bitch?
“Very fuck me,” I replied groaning.
He did not slow down, took me sharply from behind. He took his cock out of the dripping pussy, wiped it with his fingers, one of them put in the other hole. After a moment he pulled out his finger and without any warning, he pushed my dick into my anus, so deep that I gasped in pain. The pain was great, but it was getting less and less with each passing moment. After a few more moves it was nice. He moved me fifteen more minutes, when he came and flooded my bottom, I could feel his sperm leaking out, it was running down my thighs, he rubbed me and stuck his fingers in my mouth. As befits a good student, I also carefully licked his penis. He handed me a handkerchief, and I dried myself and dressed.

-Get in, let’s go on.

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