Sex with a friend from work

Sex with a friend

Sex with a friend from work. Adult stories I work on the production line of one of the companies that have been established in recent years. Good work, but little time for friends. You know, the pace is good and the breaks are short. However, I noticed that one of my friends “caught my eye”. In fact, it turned out to be very specific and after a short conversation she invited me to her place. A colleague from work did not blame it, suggested a sex meeting. I admit that …

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Birthday gift

Birthday gift

Birthday gift – erotic story. This story is true and happened many years ago.As every year, there comes the day when you have to add another year to your age. There was a lot of them, but I didn’t care too much about it. Most often, my every birthday was bland. I didn’t really like to go around them loudly. I enjoyed only those in a very small group of people I like. I avoided bigger birthdays because I knew there would be someone I didn’t like and who I …

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Both holes are fucked hard

fucked hard

Both holes are fucked hard adult sex stories Summer is over, autumn was more and more felt. The days turned gray and the evenings fastened on. My girlfriend was bustling in the kitchen and I was bored. I think I was depressed this fall, so I found the only entertainment that could get me going is porn sites. I stuck into the browser and started watching porn. I was always shot with such videos, and the hardest sex with lots of fucking and hectoliters of sperm. Monika suddenly burst …

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Submissive Bitch

Submissive Bitch

hardcore sex story When Agnieszka suggested a willingness to try submission, I decided to see how it “tastes” and become a spicy master for the submissive Bitch, at least for a moment, and then she will like it once in a while. Although I did not quite see if we would like this “game”, because everyone had their dilemmas, she would change my mind about it, because she wants to be submissive and wants to be a dominated, submissive bitch and will I change my opinion that how can I …

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