Sex surprise at a boring party

Sex surprise at a party. More sex stories in the erotic stories section.

Another week of warm July was passing. Unfortunately, the week was quite hard, with a lot of additional duties at work due to the leaves of colleagues. Unfortunately, I had to live with the taste, I could only dream of lounging by the warm sea. I had my vacation planned for November. However, I had a Saturday night planned. We were invited for a housewarming to our mutual friends, they bought a small house in a nice neighborhood. I didn’t really want to go to this party, but it wasn’t right to refuse so we went.

As I expected, the company was not very interesting. After several dozen minutes, I was completely bored, I did not think it would be so bad. It’s been a long time since I was so disappointed, nothing happened, sad, stretched stories. I sat a minute longer, then went out into the fresh air. It was very nice, so I didn’t want to come back. The next minutes passed, and I walked along the beautiful garden, hearing birds chirping in the background. I reached a beautiful fountain with a wooden bench next to it. I sat down enjoying the sunset and the silence. I knew I had to go back to my friends soon. I closed my eyes and listened to the silence.

After a while I felt warm hands on my shoulders, and soft lips on my neck. I opened my eyes smiling. Mariusz asked why I disappeared for so long. He hugged me, supporting his chin on my head. He hugged me for a long moment, brushing his cheek with his lips. It was very, very nice, I felt an irresistible urge to have sex. I searched for his lips and started kissing passionately, I was getting excited, I was more and more eager for sex. I was excited by the situation, the disappearance from the party, the bench in the quiet.

I pulled him close, positioned him so that he was standing in front of me. I started massaging his crotch, his member reacted immediately. Without waiting any longer, I unzipped his fly and slipped off my pants. After a short while, he also had no panties, and his cock was close to my mouth. I began to caress him gently with my tongue, enjoying it just like the previous silence and peace. His cock tasted great, and I greedily put it in my mouth. I put it deeper and deeper, I felt it on my tonsils. With each passing moment, my excitement grew even more, my pussy was getting wet. Licking my cock, I imagined it was in my scorching pussy. The cock was getting harder and harder. I took it out of my mouth and got to the testicles, brushed them with my lips, licking harder and harder. On the face
Mariusz was pleased. I licked my penis and testicles alternately, putting it shallower once deeper, I felt my panties getting wet.

I thought I would not wait and asked him to sit on the bench. I slipped my panties off and immediately fell on his supple cock. I put it on slowly and shallowly, I felt that this situation also turned Mariusz on. I was moving faster and deeper to feel him inside me. My pussy was very wet and it was leaking more and more juices. I stuffed myself deeper and faster, he allowed himself to be ridden. I felt so good that I wished this moment would last forever.
I felt a damp finger around my anus, it was an incredible pleasure. His finger was pressing into my other hole. He did it with great sensitivity. I felt a dick in my pussy and a finger in my ass. Delicate chills pierced my body, I had not felt so relaxed for a long time, I had not felt such a great desire for a long time. I wanted my dick as deep as possible, so I pressed my body against his as much as possible.

Soon I heard: “to fuck your ass?”. I hesitated, but after a short thought I replied, “Fuck me, I want your dick in my ass.” I got up, leaned against the bench. Mariusz at that time put on an elastic band and moistened my cocoa eye. He gently began to push his dick, which entered rather reluctantly. He stopped pressing against my tight hole for a moment, then tried again. I was a little tense and the dick could not break through, he stopped trying again. He bent down and took care of my cipeczką, pressed his tongue as deep as possible. I groaned with pleasure without inhibitions.

He began to circle his tongue around the unforged hole that was getting looser with each passing moment. The pressed finger entered without much resistance, I felt more saliva. Mariusz repeated his attempt to insert his horny dick into a tight hole. Unfortunately, it was going quite hard again, but he did not stop, he pressed it gently, and with his hand he was massaging his pussy dripping with juices. I felt minimal pain, groaned, but he kept going, he pressed harder and harder, the pain went away and the pleasure came. This was my first anal sex experience. I felt his dick slide even deeper. Mariusz was massaging my shell during this time.

He started pushing my ass faster and faster while pushing his fingers into my pussy. I thought that he would not press it deeper, but I was wrong, I felt it even deeper. His balls were bumping against my buttocks. His breathing was much faster, the excitement was reaching its zenith. Suddenly he stopped, pulled out his cock, slipped the condom off and shoved it up my pussy. For a moment I wondered why, but my thoughts didn’t last very long because the pleasure obscured my thoughts. He fucked me hard until I could feel his balls hitting my thighs. I started to moan even louder in delight, and he pushed me faster and harder. He was fucking me like never before, you can only call it that. Meanwhile, he took turns massaging my breasts and clitoris. I felt that I was reaching the peak of pleasure, Mariusz slowed down the pace, pushed it deeper and more precisely. My breathing was becoming steady.

Mariusz pulled out his dick, I figured out what he wanted. I obediently crouched down and opened my mouth, and he quickly, as if in a hurry, slipped my dick in and began to move. He was pushing it a little too deep, but he was enjoying it, so I continued. He was very excited, he didn’t look at him pushing it in too hard, I was choking a little, but that excited him even more. After a while I felt sperm flooding my face, I slowly began to swallow it, and at the end I gently licked my cock so that there would be no traces of what we were doing.
We got dressed and went back to the boring party, but now I could remember the sex we had just had – the sex surprise was wonderful.
Sex surprise at a party – that’s what I recall.

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