Evening sex adventure

Evening sex adventure

Evening sex adventure Erotic Stories I wondered why men are so often dissatisfied with sex. I talked to my friends who had similar dilemmas. I didn’t understand them, I didn’t understand myself, I didn’t understand dissatisfied men. I wanted to be a 35-year-old happy with my life. Unfortunately, somewhere there was a dissatisfaction, a lack of full satisfaction, and life was quickly slipping away. I decided to change something, surprise my man, chase away the routine from the bedroom.I quit my job earlier and sent the kids to their parents. …

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Sex History part 5 – Sex agreement

Sex agreement

Sex History part 5 – Sex System adult sex stories I do not hide, Ania confused my head after the last meeting, I no longer knew what to expect from her, I like sex, I have different fantasies, but her directness made me consterned. On the other hand, when I thought about the subject calmly, I didn’t quite know if it was a serious invitation to new sexual experiences or a simple joke. I wanted to address this topic today, because she has just announced herself for a coffee after …

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Expected sex meeting

sex meeting

Expected sex meeting Erotic story Today it was that day, I finally made an appointment with Monika, whom I met some time ago at work. She was quite a coquette from the first meeting. She tempted, provoked and loved to be dirty about sex topics. Once, I even played the phone with me, but it was not enough for me and her, I just wanted to fuck her. And finally the moment has come, we decided to meet after work. I heard the intercom, opened the door and after a …

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