Survival – Sci-Fi Erotic Story

Survival - Sci-Fi Erotic Story

science fiction for adults Survival Prologue It had to happen at last, too many years have passed since the war. For new generations, World War II was more of a historical curiosity, a video game than a real world drama. The extreme right in many countries was slowly coming to power, putting the maintenance of power at all costs first. The same goal was pursued by “democratic” dictatorships, which held their nations more and more firmly. Russia, as it had promised, cut itself off even more from the west, even …

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Cyberpunk 2069 – Lost Lon part 2

Cyberpunk 2069

Cyberpunk 2069 – Lost Lon part 2 Part 2 of the short story Last night in a cell When the cell door opened right after the evening roll-call and I saw three guards in the door, I knew very well what awaited me. I owed them something, they made my time quite bearable and safe, but something for something. I gave them what they wanted, that is sex, each had different whims, but the luxury of intimacy was not here, but they did not shy away from fucking me in …

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CYBERPUNK 2069 – The missing Lona


Erotic Story CyberPunk 69 – Lost Lona Part 1 Deal you can not throw away I had been in the cell for a good year, but despite the Spartan conditions, I did not complain. For beating a bodyguard of an influential Vega family, I could have got much more than 5 years, but Lona, the oldest daughter of the Vegs, protected me, and it was because of her that I ended up here. In 2069, the world was more complicated than it might seem, cyber-corporations ruled, providing a bored society …

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