CYBERPUNK 2069 – The missing Lona

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Erotic Story CyberPunk 69 – Lost Lona

Part 1

Deal you can not throw away

I had been in the cell for a good year, but despite the Spartan conditions, I did not complain. For beating a bodyguard of an influential Vega family, I could have got much more than 5 years, but Lona, the oldest daughter of the Vegs, protected me, and it was because of her that I ended up here.

In 2069, the world was more complicated than it might seem, cyber-corporations ruled, providing a bored society with all kinds of entertainment and automation of all production. The biggest problem and the deficit currency was sex, because when guys systematically began to lose interest in sex from the beginning of the 20th century, nature slowly but not reversibly deprived the majority of the male population of sex drive, and by the mid-21st century, 90% of guys were incapable of sex and lost completely. interest in him. But with women it was quite the opposite, more and more prestige and the power they gained increased their appetite for sex. They could use power and money better than men before, and each of them wanted to have as many sexually fit men as possible in their collection, and they were not satisfied with cyber robots or virtual sex, because physical sex was fashionable and desirable and they needed men for that. The poor were to be satisfied with cyber toys and virtual pleasure.

I belonged to this group. 10% of able-bodied men had advantages even here in prison, but also disadvantages, because the jealousy and contempt of other men could be dangerous. 60% of the guards are women so I was good at coping with this situation and I knew I would survive those 4 more years if I looked behind my back. My thoughts were interrupted by the guardian’s voice.

– You are visiting Vladimir!

I looked at the cell door and after a while Eva, the younger daughter of the Vega family, stood there. She was dressed scantily, as always, with a tattoo on a large part of her exposed body, she had no cyber enhancements because none of the elite had them.CyberPunk

Cyber upgrades were for social lows, and the elites at best invisibly improved their DNA mainly to live longer.

I looked at her questioningly, I did not understand what she was doing here alone without protection, especially as she had contributed greatly to my stay in this cell.

– Lona’s missing. She said after a moment of silence.

– You think I know where she is?

“I know you don’t know, but I know you can find her.”

– I guess telepathically. I replied sarcastically.

– You can go…

– How?

– Our family can do anything …

– Should I find your little sister and then return to the cell? Thanks is out.

– If you find her, you will get a pardon, you know that we can arrange it …

“Or you might just not get me and put me back here.”

– We have enough enemies, we do not need another one, especially since in the end you will leave this place, it is easier for us to get sick than to take on additional bodyguards. Everyone knows how vindictive and effective you are, our bodyguard thanks to you has a bionic arm, because his real one was no longer usable after meeting with you.

– Say hello to him for me. – I replied with a malicious smile.

– Greetings, you still fit? – She asked eloquently looking at the crotch.

I moved closer to her, but she did not get scared and did not take a step back. Our bodies rubbed together. She was smiling confidently.

– Do you want to check? – I asked provocatively.

Her hand gently cupped my crotch, making me erect, after a moment of silence she said:

– Maybe another time…

She moved away from me, heading towards the exit.

– We have an appointment? – she asked.

– Yes. – I replied.

– Tomorrow I will come for you and I will present everything we know.

– So I’m not leaving today?

– No, I would not do this to you, because when the guards find out that you may not come back here, a hot night awaits you … Hmm, I wonder from whom they can find out …

– Oh fuck … don’t do it, they will eat me.CyberPunk

– Can you do it. – She replied laughing out loud.

– See you tomorrow, Vladimir! Be brave! She cried out and her laughter spread all over the hall.

End of part 1

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