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science fiction for adults



It had to happen at last, too many years have passed since the war. For new generations, World War II was more of a historical curiosity, a video game than a real world drama. The extreme right in many countries was slowly coming to power, putting the maintenance of power at all costs first. The same goal was pursued by “democratic” dictatorships, which held their nations more and more firmly. Russia, as it had promised, cut itself off even more from the west, even creating its own Internet.
one enemy that bothered them – the democratic states of Europe.

Many nations continued to be powerful democracies strong enough to become the number one enemy of emerging pseudo-democratic rightists and ever more powerful dictators. In the end it sparked so much that it is not even known when the global conflict broke out. In the beginning, Europe was safe, the influencers of this world played their political games in Africa and Asia. Europe watched it all with disbelief, but also calmly, after all, no one will attack in Europe. It happened otherwise, the technological advantage of the democratic west only enraged the opponents, who had one more ace up their sleeve – nuclear weapons.

And so the real war broke out.

The still democratic US under the rule of the right only looked at everything from the sidelines, blaming the lack of intervention and aid on the long-term failure of European countries to meet allied commitments. The truth was that the US wanted to come out stronger from this conflict like World War II, so it was probably supposed to come only when the war weakened both sides and would again become the “savior of the world” and would do the next big business on it. you can say from forever, I felt that in my lifetime I would experience war like our grandparents. I was not rich, but I systematically built a base to survive in the event of a conflict. I used more knowledge and cleverness than large financial resources. warehouses. Those that did not encourage penetration, because what could be stolen from them had long been stolen. The ruins themselves, at least that were supposed to make an impression. There, in the very deep cellars of one of the buildings, I created my place of survival. It was small, apart from the warehouse I had 2 small rooms and several corridors at my disposal, but deep and safe enough that I could survive been there for a few years. Well, unless I would have gone crazy earlier, because the plan is a place of survival
it was for one person. I was living alone, so why would that change in survival? I had food and water for 2-3 people, but in such small rooms it would quickly end in conflicts.

For years I used to buy survival equipment from military surplus, such as Geiger readers, air filters for bunkers, even a decontamination cabin and various types of survival equipment, until I finally collected everything necessary and did not cost me a fortune. The ruins of warehouses not only deterred but also had another big plus. Empty fuel tanks buried deep in the ground which I used as water, cesspool and fuel tanks for the generator set. I also had discreetly placed solar panels, cameras and motion sensors.
I was preparing myself for it physically and mentally. When the first atomic warhead exploded, and the radiation cloud could approach my city at any moment, I went to the shelter. The city was in chaos and increasing violence. People used to electronic money panicked completely when ATMs and banks stopped working. The military and the police tried to get the situation under control, but too much was happening to be possible. I was afraid it would happen one day, but when it did I reacted calmly. I spent too much time preparing, but I had no satisfaction saying: I told you so!

The first night in the bunker was quite easy. With the discs full of movies, documents, audiobooks and music collected for years, I had something to watch and listen to during many such nights and evenings. Mainly, however, I listened anxiously to the radio and looked at the radiation sensors. The information showed that a small radioactive cloud had approached the city, but it had covered a small area, and luckily not mine. The city was evacuated and only a small part of the inhabitants and probably the looters remained on the spot. I was wondering for what purpose
they steal big TV or computers from RTV shops, when there was no electricity left and it would not come back soon. I fell asleep in the morning, besides, without windows and no sunlight, it didn’t matter much at what time.

I knew I had to stay in shape from day one and take care of myself. I was constantly thinking whether I had everything or I hadn’t forgotten something. I only knew one thing, if I get seriously ill I will never come out of the shelter again. So I did general development training. I spent the rest of the day checking and organizing all my resources. I didn’t have much work and I was already thinking what I would do to keep me from going crazy.

When the second night came, the motion sensors went off the alarm, which meant I had an intruder outside. I jumped to my feet, switching images from individual cameras, and on one of them I saw a small figure lying in the ruins, very close to my entrance. Even though the camera had infrared, I wasn’t sure exactly who it was and why it was there. It seemed to me that it was a woman in a dress, but it is unlikely that a lonely woman would be walking around the deserted city, or rather its outskirts, at the moment. I’ll wait with
an hour and it will probably go away – I thought. I couldn’t fall asleep upset by this situation. Although I was in no danger, I did not expect intruders on the second night.

After an hour, the situation did not change. It was almost 1 am and the figure was still lying in the same place. The outside temperature was 14 degrees. Hmm, a bit cold for this outfit. I looked carefully at all cameras. I knew for sure that no one else was around. I looked at the camera image for so long that I was sure it was a woman. I decided to go out and see if he needed help. I put on the night vision goggles and left the bunker full of anxiety and apprehension, but I couldn’t watch someone just need help or, worse, die in my backyard. You’re too weak to survive, I told myself, blaming myself for that decision. Weak – I added in my mind.

– It’s private property. – I said firmly and officially, because that’s the only thing that occurred to me.
– Excuse me. She said and she started to cry.
– Don’t cry, do you need help? – I asked in a softer voice.

– War has broken out, so how can you not cry. She made her scream as she spoke.
– What else do you know? – I asked about situations, wanting to know if she is oriented and if she knows something that I don’t know.
– Not much, I was with a friend in the nearby offices at a party such a joke, the “end of the world” ball, but how did everyone really start?
They escaped, and my friend and I were left alone.

– Where’s your friend?
– Still in the office building, about a kilometer from here.
– This is what I got in. – I thought angry with myself for leaving.
– Okay, as you know there is a war, there was a nuclear attack, rumors are also about chemical. If you stay here you will die, I have a bunker for food and water supplies, but this is a place for one person. It would be hard for us to survive the two of us, let alone the three of us, but I don’t think there’s any other way out. If you want help and stay with me, you must remember that I am in charge here and if something goes wrong and I feel that you are threatening to survive, I will kick you out. Understand?
– I understand.
– Do you understand that we can stay together in the bunker for several years?
– Yes, I understand.
– Okay, here you have night vision goggles and drinking water. Go get your friend and explain everything to her. You are to be subordinate, helpful, and I will help you. If you come with someone, I won’t let you in yet! Understand?
– Yes.
– Upon arrival, take off your clothes and you will be decontaminated and the clothes to be burned.
– What are we going to wear?
– I have different clothes, there will be something. Forget intimacy, we have 2 small rooms. Understand? It’s a bunker, not a hotel.
– I understand.
– I’m waiting for you two hours when you say it’s a kilometer from here. You can come when you are determined. Understand?
– Yes.
– Then go.

How stupid I am. – I thought.
What did I do this for? There was one advantage to this situation, I would definitely not go crazy with loneliness, now more with conflict. The girl looked around 25 and I looked around 40. I felt it would be hard to get along, let alone live at 30 meters for years.

Chapter I.

Erotic science fiction story

They showed up ahead of time. Before we got in, I asked for the names. The first one I met was Monika, and her friend was Julia. Together they looked like a pair of misfortunes. Smudged multi-day makeup, tearful faces and broken heels, and badly stained clothes. Certainly, they were both attractive, each in a different style, but under normal conditions, I would look back on the street for both. When we entered my first room, the three of us were already crowded.

– This is the decontamination booth and our shower. I pointed to a cubicle in the center of the room.
– Get naked, clothes are going to be thrown away. After entering the cabin, press the red button.

They looked at each other, hesitant and ashamed to see him staying and I wait for them to do so. Monika started undressing first, took off her dress, then her bra and panties. Without meeting my eyes, she handed over her things.

– It’s to the booth now. – I pointed.

She entered without a word, closing the door. Julia began to undress too. She also had a dress but no bra, only panties. She took it all off and handed it to me with a slight embarrassment, but also with joy that she was here. She stood naked now, scared, waiting her turn.


– I’m going to go find clothes for you. Only after it to decontaminate!
– Of course, sir.
– I’m Paweł, call me by name.

When I got back they were both standing naked. Monika seemed less embarrassed. She was standing slightly covering her mouth with her hand. Julia covered both breasts and crotch.

– So far I only have T-shirts, I need to look deeper, but maybe later. For now, this must be enough for you. They thanked them and put them on immediately. They perfectly concealed the most intimate parts of the body.

– We’ll find more clothes. – I calmed the girls.

I started showing them rooms: a makeshift toilet, warehouses and devices that keep us safe. Living so deep underground had its advantages, no heating was needed. The same temperature was maintained throughout the year, but the devices that were used caused the temperature to be as high as 24 degrees. It was warm, so even covering up at night didn’t make sense. I explained it all to them quite accurately. They listened intently, asking questions from time to time.

– This is what our bedroom looks like, as you can see there is one bed. This is my bed, but after your experiences today, I will lie on the mattress this time, and you sleep in a bed exceptionally.
– Thank you. – They said almost simultaneously.

– Wake up! May the Lord wake up! – I heard as if in the distance.
– I opened my eyes in the twilight, I saw that the girls were lying in bed watching me with surprise.
– You must have had a bad dream. Monika said.
– Not you, but Paweł I already told you. I must have dreamed a nightmare, I don’t know.
– We can’t sleep either, we only have nightmares. Julia said.
– Can we lie down next to the Lord? – Monika asked.
– On the floor?
– Yeah.
– Well. – I replied without thinking.

After a while they were lying next to them, one on the right and one on the left. Pressed tight against me.

– Good night. They said and closed their eyes almost simultaneously.

I felt weird. I hadn’t had much contact with the opposite sex for months, my cravings calmed down and I focused on my goal of survival. When I was overwhelmed with sexual tension, I played a porn movie and masturbated. I haven’t had sex for a long time. Friends said I stepped away from them and was a survival freak. I looked at the girls lying next to me and smiled slightly. I wonder what they would say now? Two almost 20 years younger girls were lying next to me, half-naked at that.

They both fell asleep very quickly, their breathing steady and calm. Juli’s hand landed on my stomach, probably quite thoughtlessly and innocently, but I couldn’t sleep and my desires began to wake up. I moved a little higher and Juli’s hand was against my crotch. I felt the back of her hand rubbing unconsciously against my cock. Monika changed her position, lying on her side, pointing her face towards me. Her tucked leg landed on my thigh. Oh, not good, I thought excitedly. My dick stood there, which was nice but I was scared
one of them would wake up and see my excitement. Julia shifted positions again and her hand literally rubbed against my cock, but finally landed on my chest this time. I will not fall asleep, I wanted to have sex so much that I would like to joke with them, but I was afraid that they might wake up and what the consequences would be. I didn’t want to scare or discourage them, we were supposed to spend a lot of time together. Finally in the morning I fell asleep with excited crotch and abdomen.

In the morning I was awakened by their conversations, they made coffee and they came with her to my mattress. I wasn’t really in the mood, I had an injured erection that I was trying to hide with difficulty. Sore dick from excitement and lack of sleep. The girls, on the other hand, seem to be used to the conditions. They served me coffee with a smile and started asking lots of questions about how I created this place. When they finally finished with questions, seeing that I was a bit exhausted, Monika said:

– Yeah, slept well together. – I lied because it might be nice, but I was terribly tired that night.
– You need to find some clothes, mainly panties. – I said looking at them with a smile.
– I even like it that way. Monika said playfully, twirling her slightly raised T-shirt.

Either lust will kill me or I will rape it. – I thought at the sight of Monica’s exposed pussy and ass. I was surprised how quickly they got used to me and the situation they found themselves in. Finally, I found a few women’s clothes in the warehouse, the girls started to walk around fully dressed. That day I didn’t see any naked pussy anymore and I was able to focus on my daily duties.

Our second night came, the girls, despite having a complete set of underwear, lay down with me as the day before, but they were not immediately so inclined to fall asleep. Fatigue finally won over the chattering mouth, and I was able to calmly think about everything. So far it was not so bad, the girls, as they say, were “cool”, they did not seem to be conflicting, and the chance of surviving without antidepressants increased, and by the way, I had a whole first aid kit in case of problems. wanting to be alone in the shelter. Their stay awakened my urges, it could lead to a conflict. In this situation it was my fault. Irritation with the lack of sex and the lack of possibility of masturbation. Because where and when? We didn’t even have a toilet here, only in the corridor. do something about it.

science fiction for adults

If there had been one, it might have been much simpler, but two? How to play it and which one to choose? Choosing one of them can also lead to conflicts. I thought about analyzing all the options. When I was wondering, Monica’s hand landed near my crotch. When you sleep together, it is inevitable that someone will accidentally touch someone in the intimate area, but it could finish me. I was too fast and they were too pretty to keep my distance from this situation.

My dick reacted predictably, that is, he stood again, rubbing against Monica’s hand. I gently lifted her hand and placed it on my crotch. When I did that, I found she was awake. She took her hand off my crotch and I felt very stupid. It’s good that it was dim, because I turned red like a teenager. But she only took it off for a moment. I felt him push my shorts back and take my cock in his hand. I looked at Julka, she was lying with her ass turned to me and she was sleeping deeply.

Monika began to gently move my dick. He hardened and grew quickly in her hand. Now the penis protruded shamelessly in Monika’s hand. She leaned towards me and gently picked up sleeping Julie’s T-shirt. I saw a naked ass stuck out towards me, and my excitement grew even more. Monika felt my increased excitement and sped up. Her hand was shaking my dick faster and faster, and I was excited but also nervous if we would not wake Juli, I tried to finish as soon as possible.

In the end I shot sperm, which splashed in all directions, but mostly ran down Monica’s hand. Sperm drops also landed on Julka’s ass. Monika wiped my dick with a towel lying next to it, and then her hand. She pointed at the tiny drops of semen on Julie’s bare ass.

science fiction for adults

– At least that’s how we can repay. She whispered in her ear.
I need to talk to Julka in private, everyone here has some needs. You have to organize it somehow. The world may end, and I’m not just going to fantasize about sex with you and yours next to … She didn’t finish the sentence suggestively grabbing me for a slightly protruding cock. Anyway, you are owed something from us, you didn’t have to do it. After a while, she slipped my shorts back into place and hugged me tenderly. I fell asleep like a baby, waking up refreshed in the morning but excited about what the next day will bring.

end of part one

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