Sex friend.

Sex friend

Sex friend. Erotic story Jolka has always been unprudent and direct, it did not surprise me that more than once, mainly on her initiative, we had sex, but our paths diverged some time ago. She moved to another part of Poland for good and I also changed my city to our capital. However, we kept occasional contact and more than once our conversations ended in a sharp mess, whether over the phone or some communicator. However, when one afternoon I received a sex text from her saying “Are we fucking?” …

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Sex surprise at a boring party

Sex surprise

Sex surprise at a party. More sex stories in the erotic stories section. Another week of warm July was passing. Unfortunately, the week was quite hard, with a lot of additional duties at work due to the leaves of colleagues. Unfortunately, I had to live with the taste, I could only dream of lounging by the warm sea. I had my vacation planned for November. However, I had a Saturday night planned. We were invited for a housewarming to our mutual friends, they bought a small house in a nice …

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Hard fucking a not-so-submissive bitch

Hard fucking

Hard fucking a not-so-submissive bitch free adult sex stories We’ve been together for quite a few years. Unfortunately, sex has become a routine and we haven’t talked about our needs for a long time. Not that there was no sex. It was quite successful, or at least that’s how it felt. However, the “experiments” that we did at the beginning of the relationship are over. That spark was missing, but we didn’t bring it up. Anyway, it has always been so, we did not talk about it directly only via …

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