Unexpected foursome sex

Unexpected foursome sex.

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– What do you think about triangles?

Suddenly, Jola asked while drinking her morning coffee.

– A triangle is a polygon with three sides.
– That’s not the triangle I mean! Jola replied a bit irritated. Do you have to do everything right away so scientifically?

I laughed out loud.

– I’m kidding. I know that you read some article yesterday about sex threesome on zarwij.pl

– So what do you think of them?
– Depends on what.
– Of course, you only have two pussies in your head.
– And you must have two dicks! I countered the attack.
– Even like that, what? Can’t you fantasize? She replied aggressively.
– So we’re talking about fantasies? – I asked.
– Not necessarily. She replied a little confused.
– I say right away that a threesome with men is not an option. – I summed up briefly.
– Surely with women you would agree? What?
– Hmm, I could consider him. – I replied diplomatically.
– It’s out.
– Why? – I asked with a little amusement.
– Because I don’t like pussies. She replied irritated.

The topic made me laugh, so I decided to have a little fun at Jola’s expense and continued.

– You don’t have to deal with her pussy. The triangle does not have to be complete right away. – I explained with mock seriousness.
– Yeah, you’re gonna fuck and I’m supposed to watch? Pleasure too.
– Well, and it’s not the same with guys? You’re gonna be fucking, and I can watch?

After these words, there was silence. She wanted to say something, but you could see she had stopped herself.

– Come on! I looked at her encouragingly.
– The guy threesome is fairer.
– Ie?
– A girl can play with them together, she can suck and be fucked, or suck two cocks, not to mention she has two holes to use when someone likes anal. There are many more possibilities here, and you can really only fuck one of us or two at a time, we can take care of your equipment. That’s why the triangle with guys is more interesting. – she summed up her long speech.
– And that’s what you want?

She became confused and blushed slightly.

– I’m just so hypothetical. She replied with a changed voice.
– There is no such option, so in case you had such plans, just in case.
Her face changed. She was silent for a moment, and finally answered.

– If it was a triangle with a cane, would you agree immediately? Truth?

I was silent so she continued in a less harsh tone.

– I said, I do not like pussies, if I did, I would agree for you, and for me it is “no such option”.
– You don’t have to lick your pussy.
– Listen?
– You don’t have to lick your pussy, she can lick you as you like. Despite your opinion that men can also be more interesting with women.
– Exactly, you would go right away. She muttered under her breath.
– I didn’t start this topic.
– I just wanted to talk, maybe I was thinking a bit, because it is a variety and….
– And none of that. I replied not very politely, interrupting her.

We were silent for a good few minutes. Jolka was clearly visible on something over something.

– What if I agreed to a threesome with a girl?
– I’ll say ok, and you will make a fuss. I will not fall for it.
– I was just thinking that if we got some call girls that better, you can try it without the risk of picking her up on your side.

– Where did this change come from?
– Because maybe later that guy?
– Yeah.
– What yeah? Do you agree?
– Well, that’s what I thought you meant.
– And?
– I don’t know, maybe I would go for it. – I found a little tired of this conversation. I’m not talking 100%.
– It’s enough for me. She replied with a smile.
– Let’s find some girls for Friday night.
– You started with triangles, so you look for it.
– Okay.

She didn’t even want to argue with me on this matter. I honestly had no experience with call girls, so I wouldn’t even know how to go about it and I thought that Jola would not find a suitable luxury whore for such fun.


The week passed quickly, as it is at work. Jolka did not take up this topic anymore, and I even forgot about it. And it’s Friday.
Jolka hasn’t been home yet, so I called when she’s coming back.
– I’ll be around 19.
– Ok, I’m waiting.
– Remember it’s Friday?
– And? – Confused, I analyzed in my mind if I had missed something.
– We have a visitor today.
– What guy?
– The girl we talked about recently.
– Are you kidding? I asked incredulously.
– No, I’ll be with her at 7pm. I’ll bring her back, so get ready and buy some good wine.
– Ok.

I couldn’t believe my chick hired a whore. These are some balls – I thought, but I wasn’t sure, so I decided to prepare. Not that I believed her words, but just to be sure, as if it were to be true after all.

Before 7 p.m. I heard the door being opened with a key, and Jolka stood in the door, and then a strange girl. Tall, shapely with a cheerful expression on her face.

– Meet Kasia.

I greeted with a slight shock. She didn’t look like a whore, but rather a nice classy girl. Jolka looked very relaxed with her, no tension.
– You know each other well? I asked as we sat in the living room.
– We met yesterday, we were over coffee to arrange everything and I wanted to explain to my friend that you are quite reluctant and limited in these matters.
– I’m reluctant?
– They say you want a woman in a threesome and that’s why I’m here, but the guy is worse.
– Oh, that’s it. – I replied and I was a little relieved because I thought she introduced me as reluctant to sex, which I have never felt.
– I’m at your disposal. You have all of me for this evening.

She sat down next to Jolka. I do not know what they talked about earlier, but it was clear that Kaśka aroused Jolka’s sympathy. She was laid back, unfettered by the situation. I was more and more embarrassed.

The girls looked at me with laughter and after a while they started kissing. I was stunned and I was watching my Jolka stick her tongue into Kasia’s mouth, and after a while Kasia was penetrating Jolka’s mouth passionately.

– Come on. Kaśka said, breaking the hot kiss for a moment.
– Man, she’s kissing. Jolka evaporated.

After these words, Kaśka returned to intense kisses, or rather licking with my girlfriend. They were sitting side by side on the couch, and I walked over to face them. Kaśka took Jolka’s hand and put it on my fly. Jolka broke the passionate kisses only for a moment, looked at me with excited eyes and unbuttoned my fly. After a while I was standing with a protruding dick between Jolka and Kaśka. They stopped kissing, Jolka grabbed my dick and directed it to Kaśka’s mouth. I immediately felt how wonderful it was.

Jolka looked at it for a moment, but it didn’t last long. After a while, it was her mouth that held my cock. Kaśka came down, teasing my egg with the tongue. Every now and then their lips met, and after a while they kissed my dick again. At the moment when I was sucking Jolek, Kaśka got up and quickly took off her clothes. She was standing naked in front of us with a completely shaved pussy and a delicate tattoo on her thigh.

She sucked Jolka, and Kaśka stood naked behind me. I felt her naked body warmth. Slowly, without stopping the fun, Jola took off my clothes. When I was practically naked, she took off the clothes from Jolka. Jolka stopped playing with my dick, politely letting ourselves be stripped naked and after a while we were all naked.

Kaśka sat down on the couch next to Jolka without a word and leaned forward, spreading her thighs. She was inviting me in. Her pink pussy was ready and eager to be fucked and I stood over her sprawling body for a while until I finally lay down on top of her. My dick quickly slipped inside her.

Jolka was sitting to the side, watching it with interest. Without embarrassment, she spread out in our direction, presenting her well-groomed pussy in all its glory. I was pushing Kaśka when she grabbed my buttocks as if she wanted to push my body even harder to hers. I felt her hands on my buttocks and my groove.
Jolka started playing with her pussy looking at our sex. She did not put her fingers in, but massaged her cunt.

– Are you happy? Kaśka asked.
– Yes. I replied excitedly.
– And now? She asked again, and I could feel her finger near the anus.
– Yes. I replied even more excitedly.
– Make Jolka a pleasure.
– I replied willingly and wanted to leave Kaśka.

She stopped me by the hips.

– Not like that.
– I do not understand? I asked uncertain.
– She needs a guy, you didn’t want a triangle, maybe a square.

Before I could answer I felt her finger enter my hole, she pressed me against her, pushing her finger into my anus.

“Fuck me,” she said

I fucked her hard and her hand reached Jolka’s pussy. This one did not protest, Kaśka slid her two fingers into her pussy until Jolka groaned.

– You want a dick? Jolki asked.
– So he wants. She replied with a slightly breathless voice.
– Do you agree? She asked turning to me.

I stopped fucking her and looked surprised. I didn’t know if it was just a game or if he was serious.

– Take care of your Lady and I’ll be right back.

I turned Jolka towards myself and quickly entered her. I fucked her on the couch, and Kaśka was talking on the phone without taking her eyes off us.
After a while she came back to us.

“Don’t panic, go fuck her, but there’s a guy downstairs waiting.” You agreed so he will come in.

I was so excited that I was fucking my girlfriend in front of Kaśka that I did not fully realize what she was talking about. After a while, a guy appeared in the door, Kaśka let him in. I wanted to stop fucking, but Jolka didn’t like it at all, so I went back to playing. Now two strangers in the house watched me push my cane. It was not an unpleasant feeling, on the contrary, because it gave me and Jolka a lot of fun.

The stranger sat next to us in silence. Kaśka was standing over us, every now and then “rubbing” on the body of one of us. Which increased our excitement. I felt her hand on the eggs, buttocks, she also tried to push her hand to my cock to feel how it enters Jolka’s pussy and kisses Jolka’s breasts every now and then.

The guy sat silently as if he wasn’t there. After some time, Kaśka took Jolka’s hand and put it on the guy’s crotch. I didn’t react, I was so excited I thought that she also deserves more. I felt that I had better here. I fucked a foreign chick in front of her so it wasn’t even proper to argue.

Jolka must have felt my acceptance, lying so boldly under me, she reached for the stranger’s fly. She felt him through her pants. The guy after a while unbuttoned the zipper and appeared quite powerful dick in the act.
Jolka took it in her hand and moved it to the rhythm of my advancing.

Kaśka standing above us suggested a change of position. Jolka lay down on her side, and I pushed her pussy from the side of her back. Jolka had a man’s cock in front of her mouth, and Kaśka had a comfortable position for licking my pussy and my cock while fucking.

Jolka, even though the prick was sticking out by her mouth, played only with it gently with her hand. I could feel she wanted it in my mouth, but she was embarrassed. I pushed her so hard her lips were on the guy’s cock. As if she was waiting for it, she put the penis in her mouth. After a while, she efficiently sucked him and Kaśka teased her hole, and this was my dick with her tongue. The minutes passed, but everything was getting closer to one. I had to finally come down.

I felt that Jolka had already had more than one orgasm, so it was my turn as well. I shot straight at Jolka’s pussy, milky sperm was dripping down her labia, and as if Kaśka was waiting for it, she greedily licked Jolka’s pussy, and after a while my dick was falling.
Moments later, he also fired a guy right in my girlfriend’s face. Sperm dripped down her, dripping on her chin, and she did not care about anything, licked the remnants of sperm from his penis.

Kaśka with a stranger dressed up quickly and left our apartment even faster. Kaśka at the door said goodbye to us with a nice smile.

“Until the next one,” she added.
– Jolka, and the payment? I asked, surprised they had left so quickly.
“It’s paid,” she replied without looking at me.
– And the guy?
– Too.
– Oh.

So it was a setup from the beginning, I wasn’t angry, I laughed inwardly. Smart, my Jolka.

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