Sex surprise at a boring party

Sex surprise

Sex surprise at a party. More sex stories in the erotic stories section. Another week of warm July was passing. Unfortunately, the week was quite hard, with a lot of additional duties at work due to the leaves of colleagues. Unfortunately, I had to live with the taste, I could only dream of lounging by the warm sea. I had my vacation planned for November. However, I had a Saturday night planned. We were invited for a housewarming to our mutual friends, they bought a small house in a nice …

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Bukkake sex orgy.

Bukkake sex orgy.

Bukkake sex orgy It has been a long time since we did any home parties with Jolka, so this time, after her persuasion, I became convinced of this idea. Jola took care of inviting a few friends, and I took care of the necessary food, alcohol and muse at the party.A few people were supposed to drop by. They were not our close friends, they were rather distant acquaintances. We came to the conclusion that we have friends every day, so it’s time for some change. Several people were invited, …

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Christmas gift – unexpected sex.

Christmas gift

Christmas gift – unexpected sex. Christmas gift. – I heard these words at the end of the evening. I was a satisfied single 35 years old. I couldn’t complain about the poor social life. I loved having fun and everyone knew it. The forms of play didn’t matter. The main thing is to have fun and be safe. With an emphasis on safe, I had no intention of getting infected with anything. I loved both soft and rough sex. I’ve known a lot of women willing to have sex. However, …

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Clitoris – find out more.

Clitoris - find out more

Clitoris – find out more, it will be easier for you to bring your partner to orgasm. Clitoris – located near the anterior junction of the labia minora. The visible part is above the vagina, a quarter of the clitoris is visible. Due to its structure and innervation, it plays a fundamental role in sexual arousal and orgasm. It is the most erogenous place in a woman’s body and the most sensitive to tactile stimuli. It allows you to achieve orgasm through tactile stimulation during sexual intercourse or during masturbation. …

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Integrative sex

Integrative sex

Integration sex – weekend trip. Another integration weekend in the company, it was the third such trip in the corporation where I worked. The first one was a nightmare, the company was large, I only knew people from my department, so what could you do apart from drinking? My aversion to such trips changed after I met Dorota from the IT department. In addition to participating in idiotic integration meetings and drinking, we had another common hobby – sex, and that changed a lot, the trips became not only bearable, …

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