Sex at the spa

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Sex at the spa

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The constant lack of time was already making me depressed, so I offered my boyfriend a weekend trip to Spa, which he gladly agreed, because he was also fed up with boring everyday life.

– I advise you to see what massage looks like on YouTube and not just sit on Porno Tube or on some erotic stories. – I said the day before we left

Tom looked at me questioningly.I will not be massaged by a stranger or a chick, we will organize this kind of relaxation ourselves.

Ok. – he replied without commenting on my proposal, but added:

– I’m not sitting on some porn …

We got there on Friday evening. The hotel was adequate for the price we had to pay, in short – luxurious. From the beginning we were properly “pampered” and the room was really perfect for relaxation. We freshened up and went to get us treatments at the Spa. It didn’t take long, when I got back, Tom, dressed up in disguise, was waiting for me, rummaging through the phone.- I ordered a massage room with a jacuzzi for now.

– Cool. – Tomek replied, adding:

– I am ready.

We went downstairs to the Spa room and unlocked the door with the key provided to us. The hall was great and prepared for our visit. Two massage tables, candles, towels and a bathtub full of rose petals.

– I didn’t expect that. I said loudly

– No. – Tom replied shortly.

– Okay, I hope you learned something yesterday.

Saying this, I took off all my clothes and lay naked on the massage table.

  • – Keep massaging. – I said

I looked down his dick was slightly erect, so I decided to do something about it, I liked looking at his protruding cock.

So when he faced me, I leaned towards him and touched his cock with my tongue. The penis straightened up and Tom came closer to the table so that I was closer to his penis.

I took it in my mouth, felt its taste and the warmth radiating from it. I started sucking him off. He grabbed my hair and pressed me hard until I choked on his dick a little, but I like it that way. He knew it, I loved how his cock came all the way to his throat. I sucked him for a few minutes, he was standing straight over me with his hand on my head. Finally I broke off saying:

– Lick my pussy.

He came to the table on the other side with his cock sticking out and leaned in towards me and I opened my thighs wide. He looked at my pussy I liked to provoke him so, lie with my thighs open and turn him on.

Eventually after a while his head landed between my thighs and he started licking my pussy.

His tongue was digging inside her and then licking her outside this time. He licked my labia and pressed his tongue inward, every now and then I also felt a tongue on my other nostril. He provoked me so and I flexed my body to encourage him to take care of my bum. After a while he did so and his tongue dug into my other hole. It was very enjoyable until he finally broke it and entered me, laying down on me. I felt his cock inside, it was rhythmically penetrating my pussy, he knew I didn’t like too many position changes, so after a few minutes he ended up on my stomach, but behind him I had a great orgasm.

The rest of the stay at the Spa was fun, but not as exciting as our sex, which I will remember for a long time.

Adult service

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