First time anal sex

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First time anal sex.

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They were a harmonious couple who liked new adventures and good sex. They valued intimacy very much. They often organized private evenings and mornings. They made sure that no one disturbed their peace and plans. They went through a lot so they enjoyed life and themselves. Every day they discovered their secrets and desires. They did not want their relationship to overcome ordinary everyday life, constant problems and the pursuit of success. The latter was something they both couldn’t complain about. Each year is a growing professional success.
After a hard two months, they went to the mountains for a few days, to get away from reality a bit. Due to the competitions they performed, they could not afford to get tired. She was a successful lawyer and he was a surgeon. As soon as they got there, they refreshed themselves and went for a walk. They came back late in the evening tired, happy and hungry. So they did not go to the room, but at once for dinner, which they ate with great appetite. After that, they drank a glass of wine and went to the room.

As soon as they crossed his threshold, they began to caress without words. She kissed him greedily and passionately, as if she were doing it for the first time. During this time, he efficiently got rid of her dress and bra. He clenched his strong hands on her breasts. He didn’t think he could hurt her. He squeezed them tightly. He occasionally chewed on hardening nipples. He held it very close to him so that she could feel its hardening body.
They knew that their bodies were properly prepared for further fun. He slipped off her silk panties and they moved onto the bed. She lay down comfortably. She looked very exciting, especially because she was gently spreading her legs showing her carefully depilated shell. He lifted her legs up and brought her mouth to the wet slit. He decided to warm her up even more, he licked her thoroughly and quickly, she was very appetizing. He slipped his tongue deep and drank the lenses from inside her.
He lowered her legs and leaned over her. She had generous breasts which he used to keep playing. He put his cock between them and began to move. When the nice penis by his chin tried to reach it with her tongue, but not every time it was possible, he was too fast. It was a new form of sex. She did not suspect that there was another one waiting for her tonight.

Their breathing was faster every moment. He stopped pumping his breasts, took his dick in his hand and directed it towards the pussy. She slightly protruded her hips, the penis slowly plunged into the wet hole. The time had come for sharper movements, he pushed it all the way down and began to move rhythmically. He was going to the end. His hands pressed against his firm breasts, and he massaged his nipples, hard with excitement. He definitely increased the pace, hammering inside her with full force. He filled her whole, she could feel every little movement clearly. Her body swayed at his thrusts. His testicles were bumping against hot slits.
He lay down on her and swiftly turned so that she was lying on his stomach. She immediately took the initiative, took the appropriate position and began to ride him.

She was in her element, she relished every moment. It accelerated and slowed down, taking turns. She tried to keep him completely in her, she wanted to feel him inside herself, to have him as deeply as possible. He gave her a few spanks, placed his hands on her bottom and parted her buttocks. He reached for the gel tube and smeared the other hole thoroughly. He pressed her against him and turned again, he was on her again. Swiftly changed the stomata. He wanted to enter in one move, but failed, did not enter fully. In addition, it caused her pain. She dug her nails into his back. Despite this, he did not stop, he moved inside her. It was definitely tighter than the vagina. After a long moment, her movements began to please her. The pain vanished from his face and the pleasure rose. It was a new experience for her. He placed his hands on her hips and increased the pace, penetrating her deeper and deeper.

She felt him coming, nothing mattered to her except pleasure. He knew her body and behavior, so he knew that she was close to experiencing full bliss. He put his whole hand on her crotch and began to gently massage it. He did it with great care and pleasure, not just the clitoris. From her mouth came sounds of satisfaction and after a while she felt strong contractions, her breathing was torn, and her moans were loud. A heat wave flooded her body. He also couldn’t take it any longer. Her ass was flooded with a large amount of warm sperm. He pulled out of her and handed over the towel she placed under her plump bottom.

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