My girlfriend

My girlfriend

My girlfriend was very submissive and loved to pig during sex. Every now and then she threw a vulgar sentence, provoking me to her even harshly.  Once she whispered in  my ear that she was a bitch in bed. Such a in every way. I liked the way she said there.

Finally, she approached me in the doggy position, she looked completely submissive, one with whom I can do anything.  I reached out and touched her breast.  I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips. She answered me with the same.  I sat on the edge of the bed and began to caress her. I could smell it, I loved it. I loved her body. I loved her sexy young body.  I took off her shirt and started kissing her breasts. I kneaded them and kissed them. My tongue wandered around her neck and went lower and lower. I touched her stomach. He was so warm. She was still wearing those lace panties.  I began to caress her clitoris. She was so delicate. I couldn’t get enough of it. I started kissing and licking her. I started sucking on her clitoris. She groaned and writhed with delight.  It excited me even more. I stuck my finger inside and started moving it. She was so wet. I put my other finger in and started moving them inside. It excited me even more.  I wanted to take it here and now. I wanted to it here and now. I wanted to taste it.  Her body was so delicate and exciting.  I didn’t wait any longer, because she was ready.  She punched her round ass out, and I stepped into her anus from behind.  Today she wanted my cock there.  My stick  was so tight in its hole, even though it was damp.   I could feel her ass throbbing on my cock. I moved in it quickly and strongly.

– Kick my ass harder! Hit me, yourbitch!” she shouted in an excited voice.

I could feel her anus tighten on my cock. He went  deep and hard into it, holding my hips and slammingmy ass rhythmically. She writhed, moaning and screaming with delight, shouting provocative, vulgar sentences.  I finally got out of her after about 30 minutes of her ass and barely lay down on the bed to catch my breath and she was licking me. At first gently and after a while harder and harder. My cock was already in her mouth. She immediately began to suck it. She licked it from top to bottom,  then took care of my eggs. She played with them for a few minutes, giving me a lot of pleasure. When she finished taking care of my cock and eggs, her tongue turned towards my ass. After a while, I felt my tongue irritating. It turned me on extremely, but she didn’t stop there. She started sticking her finger into my ass while holding a cock in her mouth.

“I guess you like it, huh?” –Asked.

“Very much,” I replied, gasping for breath.

“That’s good,” she said , going back to taking care of my cock and ass.

After a few minutes, I felt so good that I couldn’t stand it and fired right at her face. Sperm ran down her mouth and dripped onto her chest.

“It was something,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” I replied.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she replied.

We went to the shower, where we washed each other. Then we went back to the room and fell asleep cuddled.  And how can you not love such a girl?


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