Unexpected sex in the shower

Sex in the shower

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I am a 34-year-old childless divorcee. We parted ways with my wife without any excesses. She wanted so much more than I could give her. We have been married for five years. We didn’t try to get offspring as if we weren’t ready for it. Now I know it’s an excuse. She didn’t want children, at least with me. A property to be divided equally, it was not very fair, but it was difficult. My position gave me a chance to quickly make up for the losses.

Three years have passed since the divorce, and I had been interested in a colleague from work for several months. I tried to get close to her somehow, but unfortunately she kept me at a distance. I did not want to impose myself too much, but I did not give up trying to arouse interest in myself. There was no effect and I was slowly losing hope. I got her back one day when I saw the big smile on her face meant for me. It was a response to the information about an integration trip this weekend.

A theater play was planned for the trip, followed by a fire and a “dance party”. I had a lot of fun, I couldn’t complain about the lack of company. I had a few drinks so I was very relaxed. Anita must have had a good time as well. There was still someone new, a very attractive woman next to her. I looked at her and wondered if there would ever be anything between us. It was her who interrupted my thoughts. I really enjoyed her voice. She said hello and imposed a topic. Until the end of the event I did not leave her, I did not want anyone to “beat” me.

The party was over and she was still with me. I offered to finish our drinks in my room. She agreed willingly. I didn’t even notice that we had been talking for over an hour. Suddenly Anita made a proposal to refresh ourselves together. I was really shocked but I didn’t show it. We went to shower. I dreamed that something would happen and it did. She started to lather me and the drops of water washed the soap off my excited body. I timidly placed my hand on her delicate thigh. In response, her hands went to my crotch, soaping my penis with great concentration. I put my hands more firmly on her breasts and started gently pressing them. As I squeezed them, she gasped softly. The excitement grew with each passing moment.

Without thinking about it any longer, I slid my hand between her thighs. I could feel her pussy wet. I immediately put my finger inside. She groaned freely. After a while I slipped the other in, heard more moans coming from her mouth to the rhythm of my fingers. To increase her pleasure, I directed my tongue to her nipples. She leaned against the wall for complete delight. I wanted to give her a lot more, so I knelt down in front of her and parted her swollen labia. I stuck my tongue inside the hot interior. She put her hand on my head and pressed it closer to her. She pressed my lips and tongue against her burning crotch.

After a dozen or so minutes, we changed roles. It was she who was kneeling in front of me. She licked my sticking cock with great greed. She sucked without using her hands. For variety, she gently sucked it, like a peppermint. Blowjob was not enough, my cock wanted to taste her pussies. She must have read my mind because she stood up and turned her back to me, leaning against the wall. My penis immediately fell between her firm buttocks, and my hands again went to her ample tits with hard nipples. She was squirming with pleasure the moment I squeezed them.

It stuck out more so I could put it inside. I just stuck my fingers in to tease her a little more. I also caressed the clitoris. She groaned loudly as she felt her fingers deep inside her and the pressure on the button. Her loud noises surprised me. I figured she was going to have an orgasm. As she was getting closer she clung to me. I don’t even know how she got on me. I was inside her, in a tight little space. She made a few moves and came. I must admit that it made me happy, I did not want to “burn”.

I started to move rhythmically. It was tight, I was digging into her, holding her hips. I also continued to caress her breasts. It was very humid so I could be resolute. I quickly gained a strong pace. I was all inside her, but her body was saying “harder and faster”. I heard her moans again. I must admit that it excited me even more. My strong thrusts made my cock penetrate her heated body even more. The minutes passed and I couldn’t get enough of it. I tried to move hard and decisively. I knew my orgasm was nearing, but the sounds coming from her mouth kept me going. I wanted to be as deep as possible in it. Her tight slit covered exactly my cock. My hands tightened on her breasts again. The nipples were even tighter, I squeezed her shapely boobs.

I felt that she was overwhelmed with delight again. I accelerated even more, but the movements were precise, deep. I went in and out almost fully. I felt that I would come with her. I heard her deep breath from excitement, my breath was just as deep. The bliss was inevitable. My hand tightened on my hip and my other hand tightened on my chest. A wave of ecstasy passed through our bodies, and with her permission, I gushed inside her.
Coming out of the shower, I found out that she saw my efforts, but she didn’t want it to be that simple and hopes for more meetings …

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