Photo Session in my home

Photo session at my home.

Erotic story

Photography has always been my hobby, everyone knew my passion, so I was not surprised when a colleague from work asked if I would take a photo session of her. Of course, I gladly agreed, but she only said that she did not want an outdoor session, only in the atelier. Although my home photo studio was amateurish, it was suitable for such sessions.

We made an appointment with me on Friday evening. I did not ask for details of what he expected, thinking that he would explain it to me on Friday, because at work we were too busy for such discussions.

Laura was at my place on time, 7pm to the minute, I really like punctual people, so it made me very happy.

I was surprised that she only came with a small backpack, because you rather need a variety of clothes for the session.

– I didn’t tell you what session this was about, but I want my nude nudes. It’s not a problem, is it?

“No,” I said, a little flustered and curious. What photographer would not be pleased with such a session?

– You know the years go by, I want to have such a souvenir for myself in my old age, of course you can also make copies of these photos. I have no problem with nudity. I also have another idea related to them, but I’ll tell you later.

– Ok. – I replied and asked:

– You want some wine to loosen up?

– I don’t need to relax, but I would like a drink after the session. She replied

I prepared the cameras and suggested sessions on the bed, which Laura liked very much, so I prepared the equipment, lighting and background in the bedroom.

Photo session

Before I knew it, Laura was standing naked in the bedroom doorway. Nudity actually did not embarrass her, she freely sued and I took dozens of photos. She had a very nice body, she tried to cover her pussy mainly exposing her breasts and shapely figure. The whole session took me almost 2 hours. I must admit that at times it increased my excitement, which I tried to keep in check.

When we finished, Laura, lying on her stomach on my bed, asked:

– Why don’t we drink some wine now?

– Sure. I replied

We were lying on the bed savoring quite good wine, Laura somehow didn’t feel like getting dressed, even though the session had passed a few minutes ago and thus I could still admire her nice body.

Browsing her photos in the camera screen, she suddenly looked at me saying:

– Can you get a picture of yourself?

– I? Come on…

– I’ll make you naked, but without a face if you have a problem with it …

“I have it,” I replied truthfully

– What? Will you be persuaded? – Asking her hand I found myself on my fly.

– Come on … – she asked with a sweet face of an innocent while stroking my crotch. My dick stood up, which she immediately felt trying to put her hand through my pants.

– Well, we won’t do it now, as you can see. – I made reference to my erection

– That’s what I would like to do.

Saying this, she started taking my clothes off, it did not take long for me to be completely naked. I put my feet up on the bed railing and Laura stood behind me taking some photos.

– You can’t see the mouth – she said happily, showing photos on the camera screen.

– You can’t see.

– You have a nice dick. She said, taking him in her hand.

“Come into me from behind … but on one condition,” she added

Horny I looked questioningly.

– You’ll fuck me from the back and take pics without a face as you stick me up and cum. Ok?

Such photos even suited me, so I put the camera next to it, Laura buckled very strongly and I got into her without any foreplay, she was very excited, because my dick slipped into her without any problem. I started to push her sharply from behind, looking at her firm and hard ass.

“Remember the photos,” she whispered

I almost forgot, so I grabbed the camera in my right hand and kept fucking her with only one hand on her hip. When I took the camera in my hand as if the devil had entered her, she pushed her asshole even harder towards me and rhythmically shoved almost the same cock into her pussy. I didn’t owe her my hips violently too, and they rubbed her ass hard. Every now and then you could hear a rhythmic sound as my dick deeply penetrated her pussy and my hips pounded against her tight buttocks. In the end, I felt that I could not stand it anymore, I pulled my cock, cuming right on her ass. Of course with a lot of difficulty, but I took some pics of this  🙂

photo sesion

porn scene

We lay in silence for a long moment, Laura finally grabbed the camera looking through our photos.

– Awesome came out. – she said

– Now I will tell you about my idea, I want to open an erotic blog with erotic stories and sex photos. Will you help me?

– Sure. I replied

– Just without my photos. – I added

– Oh no … how? You’re not lending me a dick at least for them?

– Cock yes, but no face. I replied cheerfully.

– Then we have an appointment. – she said adding:

– Any sex today?

– Yes. – I replied with a smile, but in about a quarter of an hour.

– Okay I’ll wait. She said and went back to watching her erotic session.

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