Science with a twist

Science with a twist – Sex Story

I met Jola during my studies. We often prepared for exams together. It happened that one another motivated to work. I liked preparing for the session with her for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest one was that she had a nice apartment that her parents had bought. More than once we went to night and stayed with her instead of going back to the dorm. We had nothing in common, she had her own boyfriend. However, he stayed hundreds of kilometers from where she was studying, which is why they saw each other sporadically. It was the same this time, studying all weekend again. On Saturday, however, we were so tired after a long night that Jola suggested a nap. I even had my own little room with her, so I gladly agreed to take a break. We agreed that in 3 hours we would start learning again. I lay down and fell asleep. Unfortunately, after an hour I was new, so I decided to play games on my phone so as not to bustle around the house and wake her up. It turned out I had left my phone in her room. So I decided to go in there quietly and take my phone.


When I entered it I was stunned, Jola was lying naked on her red sofa and masturbating.

“Sorry,” I said, abashed, and turned away

– Wait, don’t run away.

Science with a twist

I turned to face her. Jola changed positions, sitting down naked, her hand still circling around the pussy.

– As you’ve seen me in this situation, maybe we’ll do well together. Just don’t think it’s about sex, I have a guy, but we can masturbate together because it’s not cheating to me, I won’t even touch you.

I agreed right away. I didn’t think too much about it, I was so embarrassed by the intrusion that I would probably say “Yes” to anything she wanted.

She suggested that I pull my armchair closer and undress. The room was dimmed which created a very intimate atmosphere so I did it without saying a word. What was I supposed to say? The embarrassment of the situation passed and the excitement grew. I sat on the chair, taking off my clothes earlier, my dick was sticking out, Jolka simply shamelessly spread her legs wide in my direction, showing her pussy in all its glory. She closed her eyes and started sticking a finger into her pretty hole.

Not thinking much, I started jerking a horse, I was shaking my dick while sitting on the armchair with my legs slightly spread. Jolka, from time to time, looked at me and my sex. The atmosphere was very hot, sex was boiling with us. After some time Jolka changed her position, crouching on her lap, she was having a great time groaning softly.

My breathing was getting stronger. I knew that I was going to cum soon, Jolka, sensing the situation, got off the couch and sat down even closer to my cock. I couldn’t stand it and fired at her. Her loud breathing indicated that she must be coming too.

Sperm flooded everything in its way. Semen drops also reached Jolka. We looked at each other relaxed with smiles on our faces.

– it was great – she said, getting up and heading to the bathroom.

I got dressed quickly and went to my room. But driving, I thought. I would never expect to masturbate with Jolka together. This situation made my rule unlucky. Maybe I would fuck her sometime? – I thought. And with this thought, I sat down after returning to continue cramming with Jola. Now it was definitely different, there was a feeling of desire between us. I think she was thinking the same thing as me, because suddenly stopping her studies she looked at me questioningly.

– Will we do it again sometime?
“Gladly,” I replied, slightly embarrassed.
– Nice – she replied returning to the books.

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