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Illustrated Erotic Story

It was almost 3 o’clock in the morning when I and my girlfriend left the nightclub party as one of the last ones. We did not order a taxi, because the metro station was close and the stop was close to the house. When we got into the car, 3 more people got on with us. The couple is quite drunk and very cheerful, and a lonely girl. It looked like we were all coming back from some Friday parties. The couple stood next to us and finally sat down on the chairs. They were very casual and quite loud. We tried not to pay attention to them, but it was very difficult. “The Law of Youth,” I thought, because they looked much younger than me.


After a few minutes of driving overnight, their behavior was becoming more and more promiscuous. They kissed and groped without any embarrassment until at one point I saw that a girl who seemed to be more drunk than her partner was crouched on the floor of the car and began to approach her man’s legs.

I did not expect this, because after a while she began to adjust to his fly, and finally she bent her head and began to suck him without any creeps. The guy did not look embarrassed either, quite the opposite looked as if they were doing this “show” for us. Because every now and then he was glancing at us, a lonely girl as if he wanted to ask “you see what we’re doing?”


My girlfriend rose in her chair to see better and froze with her mouth open, because she did not expect a sex show in the subway. The lonely girl also watched this scene with a smile.

The couple had no intention of ending this game of sucking, because the girl suddenly stood up ostentatiously slipped off her panties, reached for his cock, took aim and sat on her boyfriend. They fucked for so long minutes, not caring about the passing stops and the fact that someone might be seated. Every now and then the dress rolled up and we saw the girl’s firm ass and a dick stuck in it. In the end, the boy probably came, because the girl stepped down from him and picked up the panties in her hand. At this point, the subway stopped at our stop and we quickly dropped out of it as we would almost miss a stop.

– I haven’t seen anything like that before, sex in the subway oh gosh … – said my girlfriend

– Me too. – I replied.

– Are you excited? – she asked.

“So a little …” I replied carefully, not knowing what her reaction would be.

– I am very much and I want …

– What? – I asked provocatively.

– Fuck. – She replied, and we both quickened our steps towards the house.

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