Sex Stories part 1

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Sex Stories part 1
Erotic story in parts.

Part 1 – I masturbated and she fingered herself.

We used to meet like buddies every once in a while. We’ve known each other for years, but Ania and I had nothing more than kisses to greet us and say goodbye. Simple camaraderie, she was a little younger and very crazy. We often understood each other without words.

We were sitting on the couch watching the CNN newspaper, nothing but boredom, I thought, very annoyed. It was a long time since I had sex and my needs prevailed over my political interests. I would like to get rid of the guy quickly and give myself a horseback, evidently my body wanted it.

  • There is nothing on this TV, I don’t know what you pay for – said Ania.
  • There is no and today nothing will analyze the channels anymore.
  • Marek, what are you in the mood for?
  • There’s just nothing on the TV.
  • And there’s nothing on line? Maybe we can watch something through the net?
  • I do not pirate, and only antiques for free.
  • The only legal and new thing is porn – I added a little spitefully, because I’ve always heard her criticism about such productions.
  • It can be porn, but not news.
    “Hmm,” I muttered. But what?
  • And what are they?
  • There is everything.
  • I mean? You can brighter.
  • Brighter? Blowjob, anal sex, oral sex, bukkake, bdsm, lesbian sex, should I go on?
  • And that’s a bukkake, what is it?
  • Lots of guys and lots of sperm on the lady, which is what many women dream about. I added a little provocatively, but she didn’t react.
  • Oh, let it go.

The movie was with an Asian girl and several guys, jerking off in front of her face, flooding her with cum, and she sucked some of them.
I was hungry for sex that the very first seconds of the film turned me on. The cock in my pants stood up immediately, I could feel it pressing against the fly.
Anne watched the scenes in silence, sipping wine with interest.
Man, if I wanted to be alone, I’d come down and let loose.

  • And how?
  • Not bad, even.
  • Most women would like that, at least in fantasies, you probably too?
  • I don’t know. She thought for a moment. We all think about a threesome, I used to fantasize as well, but here are as many guys as she’s covered in cum.
  • Looks nice.
  • I like cum on my mouth too, but there’s too much of it.


Surprised, I didn’t know what to say. After a moment of silence, I said:

  • You don’t like porn. – You always used to say that.
  • I like it, I’ve always liked it, but I don’t watch in the company of neither sex nor conditions for masturbation.
  • Yeah.
  • Understand me?
  • Sure, when we talk openly, I like to screw up with a movie, and if I have a chick, I have fun with her, and in the company of what? Listening to primitive comments and pretending that it is nothing, and every wet lady and guys too.
  • Exactly.
  • You know, I have a boyfriend now.
  • I know, we’re not doing anything.
  • We can’t have sex, but we can have fun.
  • I do not understand.
  • Let’s have fun together, but separately. You just screw it up and I’ll do it right, but without touching or having sex. May be?
  • Sure it can.
    After all, my buddy didn’t think of her as a sexual object, but such a system is something.
  • Then turn on a movie in that case. – She stated firmly and with humor.
  • Of course, don’t worry about me.

It didn’t matter what, I didn’t even ask about the genre. I played a random movie, some orgy of several couples, and reached for my fly. Hope she wasn’t messing with me, but looking to the side, I saw her push her pants open and put her hand in her crotch. I pulled my dick out, I saw her secretly looking at my dick in her hand.

  • You can watch. – I said looking her straight in the face.
  • You too.

Previously, she had her hand in her pants so the view was exciting and imaginative. She slipped off her pants, took off her panties, spreading her thighs wide.
She had a nice, pink delicate pussy, she was all shaved. She began to stroke the top, slightly slipping her finger inside, rather as if she was accidentally rubbing it against the inside than fingering it.
I realized that I should repay the same, I quickly took off my pants without losing sight of Ania playing with her pussy. I sat down next to it, our knees were touching every now and then. Not paying attention to the movie, I started jerking myself rhythmically, but gently so as not to burst out with a shot of sperm.

The sight was very exciting, and the rubbing it increased my desire for sex, which I know it won’t be, but it was all the more exciting.
Ania squeezed two fingers into her pussy hard and rhythmically, and I was pounding my dick faster and faster, fantasizing just how he was fucking her, how I took her from behind. They fuck irresistibly, and sucks in the breaks.
I felt her knee pressing against mine, not just her knee anymore, but part of her thigh was pressing against my thigh. I could feel her warmth, soft feminine skin and the smell of her aroused pussy as I wanted to get hold of her and stick my cock in that moist hole and fuck it endlessly. Unfortunately, we didn’t agree for that, I knew that I wouldn’t last long and after a while I shot my sperm onto my stomach and chest.

Ania seemed to slightly accelerate looking at me, right in my face. She was very excited.
She closed her eyes, tried to reach out, wondering if she was thinking about me or someone else. I wanted to help her, although I did not know how much I could afford, I put my hand on hers doing well, pressing harder to her rhythm.
She was breathing heavily and the egg thigh was rubbing harder against mine as if it said “keep going,” so I did. My hand participated in this, I felt my excitement increasing again. She played like this for a few more minutes until finally her breath and body indicated that she was coming. When it was over, I sat down next to her and she hugged me.

  • Will we do it again sometime?
  • With pleasure.

I was a bit confused as the emotions were already subsiding and the rational, nasty thinking kicked in.

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