Exhibition – Erotic story


Exhibitionist sexual stories I think I will never forget this adventure, I thought that such things do not happen, and yet … but from the beginning … I really like evening walks in the summer along the alleys of a fairly large park that I have nearby. More than once I hear from my friends “you’ll finally see someone attack you”, but I didn’t bother talking about them and I visited the park almost every day, treating it as a daily dose of traffic. One Saturday evening I was in …

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Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife.

Sex in the elevator

Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife. Illustrated Erotic Stories This evening was really successful, I was returning with my wife from a joint dinner with friends, it was nearby, so we walked back to our house. We had a lot of humor, so it was going quite fast, we discussed, bursting out laughing every now and then.Here we are – I stated looking at the door to the staircase.The evening is over, it’s time to sleep – I added a little sadly, opening the door …

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August picnic

August picnic

August picnic adult sex stories The weather at the end of August was quite tolerable, so my girlfriend Jola and I had an idea to go on a picnic outside the city. I am not very much into such excursions, but decided to make an exception. The plan was simple, pack some wine and take the city bus as far as possible and then look for a nice clearing in the forest. Already after 30 minutes we were on some suburban forest boo. Even quite quickly we found a clearing …

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A sharp shot outdoors


A sharp shot outdoors adult erotic stories I heard the doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw Jola, my friend. She didn’t even say hello, I immediately heard: – We’re going on a picnic right now. Her voice was firm, not accepting the objection.“But …” I wanted to argue.– No “but” sandwiches, something to drink and a blanket.– Let’s go. – She added. The day was hot, so I took note of it. In fact, the idea wasn’t bad. I went to my room to change my clothes. – …

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