A sharp shot outdoors

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A sharp shot outdoors

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I heard the doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw Jola, my friend. She didn’t even say hello, I immediately heard:

– We’re going on a picnic right now. Her voice was firm, not accepting the objection.
“But …” I wanted to argue.
– No “but” sandwiches, something to drink and a blanket.
– Let’s go. – She added.

The day was hot, so I took note of it. In fact, the idea wasn’t bad. I went to my room to change my clothes.

– Where are you? She asked nervously.
– Get dressed. – I replied.
– You’re dressed. – She said.
– I want to wear my sunbathing briefs, I won’t be wearing pants in the heat. – I explained.
– Take your briefs and change on the spot. I also change clothes on the spot.

I waved my hand, irritated by her rush, but grabbed my bath shorts from the shelf, some towel, and headed for the exit. Jolka smiled triumphantly, as if she was pleased with the ease with which she convinced me to leave the house quickly.
We went downstairs, where her car was standing, and soon we headed out of town.

After a moment of silence, I spoke up.

– And exactly where are we going?
– In the wilderness.
– I know a quiet sandy meadow almost like a seaside.
After 30 minutes we got there. A wilderness indeed and perfect for a picnic. The rest of the fire showed that not only Jola knew this place.

– And how? She asked triumphantly, unfolding the blanket.
“Well, okay,” I replied.

Jolka’s face showed that this answer did not satisfy her.

– Very nice place and empty, great for picnics. – I added.


Jolka smiled because she was waiting for such praise.

– I’m going to get the outfit. – She said heading towards the car.
-Oh fuck … – I heard a curse.
– What happened? – I asked surprised.
– I didn’t take the plastic bag packed with the outfit from the house.

I laughed out loud.

– Was there such a rush?
– Jolka looked at me with evil eyes, so I quickly added.
– It’s okay, we can come back, because you probably won’t sit too long in those pants and a T-shirt.
“Why are you in pants so hot anyway?”
– Because it was not that warm in the morning, and this picnic is spontaneous …
“I know it’s spontaneous, it shows,” I laughed out loud.

Jolka looked at me mischievously and a bit angrily.

– We’re not going back anywhere, we’ll be naked. – She summed up.
– I guess you, because I have an outfit.
– Oh no buddy, I will not shine with my bare ass, and by the way your forged breathes.
I looked around, there was nobody, and I was not so embarrassed again. The more that I had the chance to see Jola naked, which I have not been able to do so far. We were just close friends.

– Get undressed. – I heard from Jolka with the tone of voice she took when she did not accept any objection.

Without a word, I started taking off my clothes, and so did Jolka. I was the first to throw off my pants and quickly sat down on the blanket hiding my penis as much as possible.
I looked at Jolka, she also got rid of her clothes. She stood naked for a moment. She was quite shapely, had small breasts and a narrow strip of nicely depilated hair on her pussy. This moment of look was enough for my dick to twitch, and in a moment it stood in full splendor, but luckily Jola did not notice it, she lay down on the blanket.

– I have wine and glasses in my basket, can you spill it?

My dick was still sticking out, there was a nice chick next to me, and I was more of a sexual hunger lately, so my body reacted properly, my dick was standing, and despite trying to control myself, I couldn’t get rid of the delusion. I got up, and my dick appeared in all its glory before Jolka’s eyes.

– Excuse me. – I said abashed.

I quickly headed for the wine and glasses.

– I see you’re happy to see me. Jolka said cheerfully.

The old line fit very well, so I accepted the joke with the calmness I could. I was pouring wine and Jolka was clearly watching my dick.
Finally she looked away from him and thanked him for the glass of wine served.
– Sit down closer. – She asked.

Sunscreen cream

I sat down, which did not improve the chances of controlling my drive. I guess she finally realized that the situation was embarrassing me because she was on a loose topic, and I finally started to relax. We were sitting next to each other, and I finally started to get used to my and Jolka’s nudity.

– Sunscreen cream! She suddenly said interrupting our conversation.
– You have to put cream on and I have it in my purse.

She quickly stood up, and I was again “doomed” to see her naked body. After a while, she brought a sizeable tube of sunscreen with a sunscreen.

– Lie on your stomach and I’ll get you some food.

The position on my stomach gave me a chance to hide my penis and it started to “go crazy” again, so I gladly agreed.

I felt her hands on my body, she lubricated me slowly and it was exactly more than just a lubrication, you could say a light massage. I felt her hands on my buttocks without embarrassment, I think she even spent more time on them than on the rest of her body. Her fingers slid between my thighs and I felt one of them touch my testicles. I couldn’t contain my excitement, but silently succumbed to lubrication. It was too much fun for me to try to cool down my emotions.

– It’s the front now. – She stated.


I knew that when I turn around, my excitement would appear in all its glory, but I didn’t care. When I turned around, Jolka put the cream down and lay down on me in position 69. Before my eyes I saw her pussy and I felt myself starting to be licked.

My tongue sank inside her. Her pussy was tender and soft. The longer I caressed her, she got wetter. Jolka almost sat on my face, and I greedily licked her inside and out. She was just as keen on my crotch. Her tongue teased the head of my cock, then it disappeared completely in her mouth.

After 10 minutes of such caresses, she left me, exposing my firm and convex butt towards me. I’ve always liked watching her plump bum in tight jeans, and now I had her in front of me ready to put my cock in her and not let her wait long for it. I entered her from behind with a deep movement. I felt the warmth of her pussy against my penis. I grabbed her by the hips and began to enter her rhythmically, with deep and powerful movements. She kind of wanted more. She pushed her firm asshole to the rhythm of my thrusts towards me, stuffing herself harder on the cock. I fucked her like that in one pace for long minutes, but she couldn’t get enough. Her body cried out to want more.

I got out of her and lay down on my back. She understood my suggestion. She sat on top of me and put my cock into my horny pussy. I was holding her hips trying to help. I didn’t want my cock to pop out of her very wet slit. She rode me like that for a few minutes and when she reached it she stuffed herself deeper and harder. I felt it perfectly. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, that it would soon be off me. And so it happened. She got off me, but after a while she was holding my cock in her hands and beating it rhythmically. I figured she was pretty skilled at it because she did it brilliantly. When I felt that I was about to fire, she sensed it too and directed her dick towards her face.

Sperm shot out flooding her face and hair. Taking a towel to dry herself, she asked:

– Why only now?
– I do not understand.
– Why are we just fucking now? And we’ve known each other for so many years …

I didn’t know what to say to her, so I left that question unanswered.

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