Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife.

Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife.

Illustrated Erotic Stories

This evening was really successful, I was returning with my wife from a joint dinner with friends, it was nearby, so we walked back to our house. We had a lot of humor, so it was going quite fast, we discussed, bursting out laughing every now and then.
Here we are – I stated looking at the door to the staircase.
The evening is over, it’s time to sleep – I added a little sadly, opening the door to the staircase.
Why sleep right away – Ola replied lightly rubbing against my leg.

Sex in the elevator

  • Hmm, will some sex be at home today?
    “And why home,” she muttered as she led the elevator downstairs.
    As I entered the elevator, I felt a great desire. Did she really want to do it here or is she just kidding? I wasn’t sure. As soon as the elevator door closed and my wife was kneeling in front of my fly, I could see that he was not joking. My first thought – how will anyone see?
    I knew it was late, but it can be different. She didn’t have such dilemmas, by the time I finished my thought she had a dick in her mouth. She licked it looking straight at me with a slight smile she rubbed her cheek with it and after a while the whole dick disappeared in her mouth. The elevator reached our floor, and I strained nervously knowing that the door was about to open. Don’t panic, she murmured, block the door so it won’t open.
    When she said that, all the brakes probably released, I quickly locked the door and stopped thinking what would happen if someone would cover us.
    I actually caught up with my wife and turned her sharply to get after her from behind. Her firm ass has always turned me on very much, I took my panties off her and rolled up my dress to be in it after a while. My dick felt her hot, very wet with juices pussy, I fucked her hard right away, holding tightly as if she was going to run away from me, but she didn’t want to run away and on the contrary, with every thrust she was pushing her bottom to go even deeper. I felt that I was going to cum in a moment, I was too excited, we never did that, she knew me well, she slipped out of my hugs with an agile movement, only to have a cock in front of her mouth.
    “Shake your mouth,” she said in a breathless voice.
    I took the dick in my hand and after a while I shot it in her face, the sperm was running down her mouth, but she did not wipe it, she looked at me licking only the sperm from her mouth with her tongue. After a while she got up dripping with sperm, I handed her a handkerchief. Sex in the elevator
  • I don’t want to, I’m washing myself at home, I still want to have her face so warm.
    Saying this, she headed towards our door. Following her, I buttoned my fly. I was wondering, gosh sex in the elevator … what was that? I didn’t know my wife from this side, but I liked this face very much …

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