Working after hours can also be fun

Working after hours can also be fun.

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Working after hours? The company was boiling. Reports for the management for the general meeting of the board were not ready, and the last day of the week at work was to end in just 2 hours. I knew you had to stay after hours. I sat furious with my colleague Michał at the spreadsheet, entering data.

“No chance to finish this by 4pm,” I muttered under my breath.

-Why don’t we take a break and finish at my place tonight?

Michał looked at me questioningly saying that. I hesitated for a moment, but overall the idea was good. Rest at home a bit and finish your work in a relaxed atmosphere is the perfect solution. Working after hours in a much better atmosphere can be swallowing.

  • – Great idea.
  • – Then come see me around 8 pm I think we’ll get it out by midnight and it’ll be over.
  • – Ok, I’ll be on time.

After returning home, I ate and relaxed for a while taking a bath. Before I looked at my wall clock, it was inexorably near 7:40 pm, and this was the time to leave. I got dressed quickly and left the house in a hurry. It’s not entirely true 🙂 We lived quite close to each other, so I exaggerated with this haste. After a few minutes, I was at his door. When he opened the door for me, I noticed a slight surprise. I was dressed sexy and I was wearing makeup. He looked at me questioningly. I understood his surprise.

  • I like to look nice on Fridays.
  • You look pretty.

Without much thought, I walked over to him and kissed him on the lips. He was surprised, but he replied the same.

  • -I’ve always wanted to do it so don’t waste any more time!

The provocation bore an effect.

Closeness, a deep kiss and the smell of intense perfume did the job. He couldn’t stand it and pulled me to him. His head turned in
the side of my bust, which almost spilled out of my skimpy dress. I felt his tongue against my nipples. He licked them intensively, lightly nibbling. His hands cupped my buttocks and he began to caress it. I didn’t do anything, closed my eyes and relished the pleasure. The moment she felt his hands on her already naked buttocks, I woke up. I put my hand on his crotch and reached for the buttons on his pants. I quickly unfastened them and grabbed my dick in my hand. I moved it gently. He hardened immediately. By the time his hand reached my wet pussy, it was already very wet. I was ready for so much more. I turned to the nearest armchair, rolled up my dress, and buckled myself. There could be no greater invitation so he entered me with a certain movement. I groaned with delight, so he started pumping me rhythmically. I was leaning against the chair so he could enter me without any problems. And so he did, went in sharply and deeply. He fucked me like that for long minutes, and I moaned louder and louder. I felt a hard dick hitting my walls. The pleasure was immense, and finally a loud moan of pleasure escaped my mouth. When I finished he quickly got out of me and fired. The sperm dripped down the buttocks and into the groove.

  • – That’s what I needed today.
  • – I also.
  • -Now to work! You can say that working after hours also has its advantages.

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