Adult erotic game

Adult erotic game

Adult erotic game Adult browser erotic game is great fun for boring evenings. The game can be played in the computer’s web browser. You can see some of its possibilities in the video below. We invite you to register for Cunt Empire and have fun 🙂 registration

Pleasant student bath with a roommate

bath with a roommate

Bathing with a roommate adult sex stories During the second year of my studies, I decided to rent a room in an apartment to rented students. I found Julia’s roommate, who was in the room next to mine. We studied at various universities, so we didn’t see each other often, and I went to my family on weekends. From short interviews, I concluded that she is a pretty cool girl who is deeply committed not only to science, but also to student life. I didn’t allow myself to do that, I was focusing on my studies. On a weekend in …

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Hard fuck with a man from sex chat

Hard fuck

Hard fuck with a man from sex chat. adult sex stories Without further ado, I made an appointment with a friend I met on a sex chat. Karol became very lively when he heard the proposal of the meeting. He was even more pleased when he learned that the meeting would be in two hours. We were supposed to meet him. It was my first visit to his apartment, I arrived at the appointed time. I went inside, wasting no time, got to his fly. After a while I held a flexible dick in my hand. He was very warm …

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A friend from work – a sex story

A friend from work

A friend from work – a sex story I work on the production line of one of the companies that have been established in recent years. Good work, but little time for friends. You know, the pace is good and the breaks are short. However, I noticed that one of my friends “caught my eye”. In fact, she turned out to be very specific and after a short conversation she invited me to her place. A colleague from work did not blame it, suggested a sex meeting. I admit that I was pleased with such a clear presentation of the …

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Wild sex – sex story

Wild sex

Wild sex free porn stories In men, less and less a wild pet, lust, desire to have a woman. Failure to meet all the order, without inhibitions or fuss. Sometimes women like it too, and they even want it silently, although they rarely talk about it aloud. I just had such a day, full of lust and thoughts about sex, my dick was giving itself every now and then standing shamelessly in my pants. I couldn’t wait for Joanna to come back, I had an overwhelming urge to fuck her as soon as she stepped into the door. I heard …

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Saturday Triangle – story

Saturday Triangle

Saturday triangle – Erotic story It was Saturday evening, complete relaxation, peace and quiet. I listened to music, browsed websites while sipping wine. It’s been a long time since I had such a quiet evening. My girlfriend Gosia went shopping with her friends, she also needed a little different company than just mine. When it was 21, I heard a lock opening the door, and after a while I heard voices and laughter of Gosia and her new friend Monika.– We are – Gosia shouted and after a while the girls with a pile of plastic bags entered.– What are …

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Sabina’s photo session

photo session

Photo session free sex stories During one of the weekend social gatherings my friend Sabina asked me about my old hobby – photography. I was a little surprised why she pursued this topic so much until she finally told me what was going on. For years, she had dreamed of a photo session with her participation, she wanted to make a collection of nude nudes, which she would not show to anyone, but would be able to remember her former beauty in her “old age”. She said it was her New Year’s resolution and asked if I would take such …

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Vacation and anal sex for the first time

anal sex for the first time

Vacation and anal sex for the first time. Sex blog with XXX stories Upon arrival we checked in and took the key to our apartment. The hotel was quite nice, the rooms were tidy, but the most beautiful was the bathroom. Spacious with a large bathtub. The trip didn’t tire us too much, so we freshened up a bit and went to eat dinner. I was hungry and I ate everything we ordered with great appetite. We drank a glass of wine for better digestion. After a hearty dinner, we headed to the beach. I did not want to go …

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