Pleasant student bath with a roommate

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Bathing with a roommate

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During the second year of my studies, I decided to rent a room in an apartment to rented students. I found Julia’s roommate, who was in the room next to mine. We studied at various universities, so we didn’t see each other often, and I went to my family on weekends. From short interviews, I concluded that she is a pretty cool girl who is deeply committed not only to science, but also to student life. I didn’t allow myself to do that, I was focusing on my studies.

On a weekend in March, tired of traveling to my family, I decided to stay in my apartment and rest a bit. I went to the movies and shopping. I also had a good dinner and came home in the evening. After returning, my first activity is washing my hands. So I instinctively opened the bathroom door without looking to see anyone there. I was mortified because Julia was in the bathroom and she was taking a bath. I didn’t expect him to be home already.

– Excuse me. Sorry again. I shouted through the door.
– Nothing happened! Do you want to use the bathroom?
– I don’t have to, I just wanted to wash my hands.
– Open that door, we won’t be talking on it!

I hesitantly opened the door. Julia was still sitting in the bathtub smiling at me.

– Come on, wash your hands, you don’t bother me.

Trying not to look in her direction, I walked over to the sink.

– You don’t want to take a bath?
– Yes, she will bathe right after you.
– You’re not green.

I looked at her questioningly.

– It’s a pity to waste water. A shared bath is the perfect solution.
– Together?
– Come on.
– You’re kidding?
– No, for real, take off your clothes and jump in the tub.


Without a word, I started to take off my clothes, she wasn’t looking at me. She was lying in the bathtub, her eyes lightly narrowed, relaxing in the water. When I took off my clothes, I gently put my foot in the bathtub, looking for a free space. She looked up at me smiling, erasing my body with her eyes.

– You’re even quite well built.

Distressed, I quickly hid in the water. We were silent for a moment until Julia stood upright. I saw her shapely body dripping with water. Her breasts were quite big, her pussy was carefully shaved with a thin strand of hair in the middle. I thought she wanted to get out of the tub, and I instinctively moved away from her, pressing my back against the edge of the tub.

– When you are already, I will use you.

She turned her back as she spoke. I saw her firm bottom and a beautiful cut on her waist.

– Can you wash my back?

– Of course I replied.

I tried to contain my excitement and it was good, my dick was sagging. I guess that’s why I managed not to show my excitement because I was very uncomfortable. I was sitting naked in the bathtub with a lovely girl I hardly knew and didn’t know if she really was so laid back nudity or something more. I didn’t want to fool around, especially since we’re roommates. I began to gently wash her back without going too low. I held on to sharing, effectively controlling the excitement. Suddenly she moved closer to me, and her ass rubbed against my cock. Unfortunately he reacted right away. I felt him touch her buttocks, so I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t move away because I was at the edge of a small tub.

– You can wash my back not only.

– Ok.


I swallowed loudly as I answered. Such a bath is a dream. Holding the sponge in my hand, I reached for her buttocks and started to gently soap them. Julia slightly parted her legs so I slipped the sponge between the gap she created between her thighs. Then she stuck her bottom firmly towards me. I felt that she wasn’t after washing her back anymore.

I put the sponge down, placing my hand between her thighs. I felt her wet hot pussy. I gently slipped my finger in, and her labia immediately let me inside her. It was hot and very wet, but not from the water, but from her excitement which I felt more and more. Without turning, she grabbed my dick in her hand. She moved it several times and directed it towards her pussy.

Without waiting for more encouragement, I shoved my cock into her pussy. It was very wet, so he came in without a problem. She leaned against the wall, pushing her asshole even harder. I grabbed her by the hips and started fucking hard. I went deeper with every move so she moaned louder and louder and I fucked her faster and faster. Our wet bodies turned me on even more. I stuffed her on my cock for long minutes until I finally felt like I was going to cum. I pulled my cock out wanting to cum on her buttocks. When she felt I was finished, she turned nimbly to face me and crouched down in front of my cock. So I fired immediately. The sperm flew towards her face. She grabbed the cum dripping with her cock and put it in her mouth. She licked passionately for a few minutes. She licked it thoroughly, then turned to the mirror, looking at her blotchy face and hair.

– Now you have to help me wash my hair so we start the bath again 😉


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