Nudist beach

Nudist beach – sex story

Two of my friends, Witek and Ola, invited me for a joint trip on the beach. Some time ago, there was spontaneous sex between Olka and me. We tried to hide this fact from Witek, keeping a greater distance to ourselves than from our unexpected sex. Each of us felt a little remorseful about it, but when we were alone, we looked at ourselves with desire more than once.

We were lying on the beach together now, and every time I looked at her body, her huge tits wrapped in a bikini, my cock hardened and I had to practically lie on my stomach all the time to hide my excitement from her boyfriend. Olka saw that I was trying to hide my excitement and kept laying on the blanket in such a way that I could see her breasts and ass well.
The next day we agreed to the beach again, but Witek could not join us, he was stopped by his work duties, but he urged us not to change our plans and go together.

We took the walk to the beach. Halfway there, however, she told me to change direction, said there was another beach she wanted to check out but her boyfriend never wanted to go that far. I agreed without much enthusiasm, the heat was solid and the longer walk took its toll.
There weren’t many people on the beach, a couple of couples and a few single men in the distance, I think I saw two girls who lay farther away than the others.
I looked around, the eyes of all the men were fixed on us, or rather on Olka. We found a spot and threw off our towels and bags. Olka started to tug, pulled her shirt over her head and took off her shorts, underneath she was wearing one of her bathing suits, which I have seen her in more than once. Almost all the men on the beach were staring at her as she pulled off her swimsuit. She was now standing naked, showing off her gorgeous firm big breasts and a beautifully manicured pussy with trimmed hair.

She sat up and rubbed herself with the sun lotion, running her hands up and down between her huge tits, rubbing the lotion. Her hands made her tits bob slightly as she rubbed the lotion between and below them. My cock was already hard, watching her not even fully naked turned me on and memories of our sex came back. Now I saw her completely naked with her body glistening in the sun rubbed with lotions and protruding tits that turned me on so much.
Her nipples hardened as her hands ran over her breasts, the lotion and sweat making her hands move smoothly and easily, even with grace. She spent a few minutes running the dripping lotion over her breasts. Probably the watchers held their breath, as I did when she pushed her hands down her stomach and towards her pussy. Ola spread her legs and began to run her hands on the pale skin around her pussy, between her legs and on the inside of her thighs. Everyone on the beach had a good view of her spread legs, her naked pussy and her hands moving playfully over the area between her legs.

When she finished she looked at me disapprovingly because I was still in boxer shorts. She reached towards the rubber bands of the boxers and pulled them down, hooking her hand on my standing cock. I sat up quickly, but probably everyone on the beach had already seen that my dick was full of erection, but rather after Olka’s “show”, not only I had such an erection.
“We have to put you on it, because the burn is certain.” She said reaching for a tube of lotion.
I poured some lotion onto my hands and started spreading it. Ola also poured the lotion on her hands and to my surprise and horror she grabbed me by the protruding dick.
“What are you doing?” – I asked.
We were so visible that it was impossible to hide it from others that Ola is holding my dick in her hand.
“You’ll never be able to relax if we don’t do something about him. In a way, your condition is my fault. ” – she said.
She started wiggling my cock, adding after a while, “I’ll help you relax,” she said and began to rhythmically slide her hand up and down my cock. She brought her other hand down and began to massage my eggs with it. While doing this, she has crouched with her ass stuck out towards the other sunbathers.
Ola’s movements became more and more energetic, her hand was moving faster and faster up and down. Suddenly I stopped worrying about the audience and that I was just banging in front of strangers and I even started to like it. It wasn’t long before I started squirting volleys of sperm. Almost all of the sperm landed on Ola’s body and one of the first shots even reached her face. Surprised, she shuddered, but after a while with her extended tongue, she licked off drops of sperm.
The semen that was on her body began to rub into the skin until it completely disappeared from her body. After my orgasm, my cock fell satiated and Ola lay down on the blanket next to me and then Ola’s phone rang.
“Where are you?” – I heard, even though Ola had a phone near her ear.
“On the beach.”
“Where on the beach? I am here and you are not here. “
“On a different beach” replied Olka
“You fucking didn’t take him to those perverts’ beach, did you?” The voice in the receiver was irritated.
“Well, what are you … on the eastern beach we will approach you soon, ok?” – okay the voice in the receiver calmed down.
When she hung up, Ola began to dress in a hurry.
“Order a taxi Witek is on the beach, we must get there quickly.” she said irritated, adding:
“Such a day broke us and I had such plans …”

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