Sex in the forest – an adventure with a teenager.

Sex in the forest – free erotic stories

I am 46 years old and my hobby is flora and fauna photography. I often ventured into the nearby forest for long, long trips with the camera. I rarely found someone in the forest, I saw deer more often than people.
It was around noon on a Sunday, August day, and I went hunting with my camera, although it’s not the best time to shoot. This walk to the forest was rather a rest, during which I hoped that I might “shoot” something interesting with my camera.
I was just trying to cross a small stream on an overturned log that crossed the middle of the forest, when I saw a naked boy on the other side, who, when he saw me, quickly gathered his clothes and ran away.

He looked to be around 19, I think he wanted to take a nude bath in this stream which seemed strange because the water was icy and the stream was shallow.
Once I was in the middle of the brook, carefully treading the fallen log, I heard a woman’s voice, “Fuck, he left me alone, what an asshole.”
I wanted to ignore what I heard, but when I was on the other side of the stream, I decided to ask out loud, “Maybe I can help you?”
“That asshole ran away when he saw the Lord with my clothes as well, and I don’t know if he’ll be back.”
The voice came from nearby bushes.
“Shall I walk you back? Do you know this forest? ” – I asked.
“I am completely naked!”
“Can I come over?” I asked curiously.

When I went behind the bushes from which the voice was heard, I saw a very young girl crouching behind a bush and completely naked. Instinctively I looked at her pussy. She was completely hairless and her clitoris protruded slightly. The girl covered her breasts with both hands, completely not hiding her pussy. Next to it shod with socks and a small backpack.
“But he left you something,” I said with a smile, trying to loosen her up.
“Will you help me?” She said putting on socks and shoes on bare feet.
“Where do you live and how did you come to be naked in the woods?”
“I met a boy on the Internet and we agreed to fuck. I have done this more than once, but it has never happened to me. This asshole, if he saw you, he was scared of the air and took all our clothes “- she said bluntly, adding:” I live on the other side of the city quite far … Will you help me? “
“Hmm,” I started to wonder still glancing at her beautiful young body. I know that the situation was not comfortable for her, but it gave me quite a lot of pleasure. She stood completely naked, without even covering her breasts with her hands. Admiring her body, I wondered what to do here. When I found the answer to this question, I decided to make a little joke first.

“What’s in it for me if I help you?”
“I can repay you somehow …”
She said it in such a way that I immediately understood that it was a suggestion or an offer for sex. Her answer completely deprived me of self-confidence, this young girl was not more than 20 years old and suggested that she repay me with sex. I changed the subject quickly.
“I have nylon in my bag, I always take it for good luck for you, if you put it on and fasten it, it will reach your thighs, so it will cover everything. We will go to me because I live quite close and we will put something on you there so that you can get home. It is true that you may look strange in this nylon, but you will not cause a scandal, because it is about 500m from the forest to me. “
“Cool!” She said cheerfully after a while, adding:
“However, I have to repay you as soon as the problem is solved, then maybe …”
“What?” – I asked interested because I expected what he would say. “
“Let’s get fucked and that’s how I was supposed to do it today.”
I knew that young people today are very direct, but that I did not expect that. However, I would be a fool to continue to think about it to have a naked 25 years younger girl in front of me.

What was I supposed to wait for? I walked over to her and kissed her passionately while my fingers slide down to her crotch. I was massaging her pussy and she moaned. Her hands were behind my head, fingers running through my hair as I stuck my tongue deep into her mouth. We kissed passionately, her tongue massaged mine and mine penetrated the inside of her mouth. Then she pushed me down gently until my face was between her legs with the obvious suggestion of licking her pussy.
“Lord, lick me,” she said excitedly.
I licked her along her slit until I ended up with a small hole in her anus. She liked her strongly, she moaned softly holding her hand in my hair. She was trembling and groaning as the tongue reached her clitoris and began teasing her with the very tip of her wet, warm tongue.
I slowly slipped one finger into her pussy and started rubbing it rhythmically as I slide it in and out of her inside. I liked how quickly she was wet and ready to be fucked.
“Can I?” she asked putting her hand on my crotch. Her breathing was uneven and noisy.
“You can,” I replied shortly.

She crouched naked in front of my crotch and unzipped her pants. She pulled my cock gently out, examining it carefully with great interest. She gently took it to her mouth and started sucking it off. My eyes flickered in satisfaction as she worked my dick. She did it very gently, her tongue barely brushed my dick it looked like she was sucking it for the first time, although it probably wasn’t, I had no illusions.
Finally I picked her up and kissed her on the lips. Then I leaned against a tree and, looking at her pretty face, picked it up standing up. Her slit was very tight, but directing my dick’s hand to her cunt it widened, letting the dick inside.
The girl moaned so loudly that I was scared, but it was not pain, but a scream of pleasure, so I quickly returned to rhythmically fucking her in the pussy.
When I fucked her like that, she dug her nails into my body and asked for more. So I fucked her so that my dick entered her as deep as possible.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure and so was she, it was the boy who had fled with her clothes.
He looked at us in surprise and tossed her clothes towards us. Without saying anything, he ran deeper into the forest. I wanted to stop our fun, but I heard a firm “No” and her hand pressed against my buttocks, afraid I would come out of her.
The boyfriend was gone so looking at her face to face and I kept fucking her, tossing her slim body as the cock entered her all the way with each thrust. Finally, she let out a loud scream and her body tightened, it could only be an orgasm. I got out of her quickly and spilt my sperm over her stomach, draining her right away. The semen ran right down her pussy and thighs.
She kissed my lips with a smile on her face.
“You have your clothes,” I said.
“I saw that asshole and he saw us,” she replied with a smile.
“At least he saw real fucking,” she added.
She started putting on the clothes she had left behind.
“My panties are gone,” she said.
“Anyway, a dick with panties …” – she said, putting on jeans over her bare ass.
Sex in the woods was not what I would have expected, but it was one of my coolest sex adventures. In addition, this is how I met Ania and the accidental acquaintance turned into quite a great “friendship”, but more on that another time.

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