Sex with a friend from work

Sex with a friend

Sex with a friend from work. Adult stories I work on the production line of one of the companies that have been established in recent years. Good work, but little time for friends. You know, the pace is good and the breaks are short. However, I noticed that one of my friends “caught my eye”. In fact, it turned out to be very specific and after a short conversation she invited me to her place. A colleague from work did not blame it, suggested a sex meeting. I admit that I was pleased with such a clear presentation of the …

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Working after hours can also be fun

Working after

Working after hours can also be fun. sex stories Working after hours? The company was boiling. Reports for the management for the general meeting of the board were not ready, and the last day of the week at work was to end in just 2 hours. I knew you had to stay after hours. I sat furious with my colleague Michał at the spreadsheet, entering data. “No chance to finish this by 4pm,” I muttered under my breath. -Why don’t we take a break and finish at my place tonight? Michał looked at me questioningly saying that. I hesitated for …

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Understand the opposite sex

opposite sex

Understand the opposite sex. erotic sex stories The rush of life imposes certain patterns of behavior. Once upon a time, the rat race did not exist, money was supposed to provide basic needs, it is not only about physiological needs, but also a bit of entertainment and relaxation. Today, making money has become the goal of most people. Often, this rush causes us to miss important parts of life and disturbing signals. Time and fatigue limit us.We do not notice, for example, that the relationship is falling apart, that the child has serious problems, etc. Cheating is very common today. …

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Exhibition – Erotic story


Exhibitionist sexual stories I think I will never forget this adventure, I thought that such things do not happen, and yet … but from the beginning … I really like evening walks in the summer along the alleys of a fairly large park that I have nearby. More than once I hear from my friends “you’ll finally see someone attack you”, but I didn’t bother talking about them and I visited the park almost every day, treating it as a daily dose of traffic. One Saturday evening I was in the park too, but I was so tired that after …

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Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife.

Sex in the elevator

Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife. Illustrated Erotic Stories This evening was really successful, I was returning with my wife from a joint dinner with friends, it was nearby, so we walked back to our house. We had a lot of humor, so it was going quite fast, we discussed, bursting out laughing every now and then.Here we are – I stated looking at the door to the staircase.The evening is over, it’s time to sleep – I added a little sadly, opening the door to the staircase.Why sleep right away – Ola replied lightly …

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The second chocolate hole


Erotic story: the second chocolate hole Anyone who begins sexual intercourse is so fascinated by its charms that if he could, he would have had sex all the time. And it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. The world of eroticism is so new, fascinating and pleasant that, regardless of gender, we want to explore its secrets, getting to know our bodies and their reactions to various stimuli. It was no different with Sarah and me. Although I was already a very experienced lover, the happiness that met me in the form of this black beauty …

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A fucker, a mother and her daughters


Erotic story: a fucker, a mother and her daughters They appointed a beautiful Center in Białowieża for us. I was even very happy, because it is a beautiful area, although terribly far away. I decided to go in my car and on Thursday morning I was ready to go. It was May and everything around was blooming with wonderful greenery and I wanted to fuck more and more. Actually, spring is such a time of the year that I could do it all the time, several times a day, at least for half an hour. Maybe I’ll introduce myself. My …

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Gym, swimming pool, unforgettable sex.

unforgettable sex

Gym, swimming pool, unforgettable sex. adult erotic stories After a hard week, I went to the gym. I don’t know when the hour has passed. I noticed a muscular guy next to me, he took off his shirt. I looked around, there was no one. His sweating muscles were impressive. – Hello. – Hi. I felt stupid that I was watching like a teenager. – We’re closing soon. – Oh. I checked my watch and said goodbye. I also wanted to use the pool. I quickly went to the changing room and ran to the pool. There was no one …

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