Unexpected foursome sex

Unexpected foursome sex

Unexpected foursome sex. Erotic stories – What do you think about triangles? Suddenly, Jola asked while drinking her morning coffee. – A triangle is a polygon with three sides. – That’s not the triangle I mean! Jola replied a bit irritated. Do you have to do everything right away so scientifically? I laughed out loud. – I’m kidding. I know that you read some article yesterday about sex threesome on zarwij.pl – So what do you think of them? – Depends on what. – Of course, you only have two …

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Cafe toilet

Cafe toilet

Cafe toiletIllustrated sex stories We always wanted to have sex with a friend in various places, even in public. However, we mostly talked about it than we realized it, in fact, I was always chickening. But in the end Sandra pressed me and I had no choice. To reassure me, she suggested a toilet in the cafe where her friend worked. When someone comes in, we’ll get out of it somehow with the help of a friend, so that there will be no scandal. – she argued. The cafe was …

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Sex Stories part 1

Sex Stories

Sex Stories part 1Erotic story in parts. Part 1 – I masturbated and she fingered herself. We used to meet like buddies every once in a while. We’ve known each other for years, but Ania and I had nothing more than kisses to greet us and say goodbye. Simple camaraderie, she was a little younger and very crazy. We often understood each other without words. We were sitting on the couch watching the CNN newspaper, nothing but boredom, I thought, very annoyed. It was a long time since I had …

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Vacation – Sex adventure on the train

Sex adventure on the train

Vacation – Sex adventure on the train We were going on a vacation for a few days. I was looking forward to this laziness and madness. The last few months had been exhausting and stressful so I was going to recover and have fun. I wasn’t going to waste a moment. There was no one in the compartment, probably due to an unusual time. The last car, the last compartment, the perfect place for a little something. The tickets were checked, so it’s clear. Charles, of course, was always against …

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An evening of pleasure

An evening of pleasure

An evening of pleasure – an erotic story My friend and I had an appointment to have sex, for the first time, without any further ado, we just decided to spend our time indulging in all sex pleasure. We did not want to get rid of inhibited by alcohol and have fun without additional stimulants. I was curious to see how open we would be “sober”. The whole evening was supposed to be full of sex and pleasure, not a few minutes of sex. Dorota came to me, as usual, …

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Saturday night sex. Exciting touch of the breast.

night sex

Saturday night sex. – erotic story I put it in as deep as possible to feel it tight. He was rather still, looking at the whole situation as if from the side. It didn’t bother me, I was too excited and too busy doing myself. I rode it slower and faster. He was touching and caressing my body. I felt him gently pull me off. We got up, caressing our bodies. Bartek turned me around and bent over, after a while I felt his cock again. He put it on …

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Unusual payment for an IT service

Unusual payment

Unusual payment for an IT service Sex Blog invites you As a light computer geek among my friends, I help with any sudden problems with their PCs. Most often, these are trivial matters that I try to solve by phone. Sometimes, however, I am forced to visit to help my friends. Dorothy just needed such help. The computer broke so she was in total desperation. She offered good wine and sweet dessert so as a fan of both, I decided to visit her. When I stood on the threshold of …

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Sex in the subway

SEX IN THE SUBWAY Illustrated Erotic Story It was almost 3 o’clock in the morning when I and my girlfriend left the nightclub party as one of the last ones. We did not order a taxi, because the metro station was close and the stop was close to the house. When we got into the car, 3 more people got on with us. The couple is quite drunk and very cheerful, and a lonely girl. It looked like we were all coming back from some Friday parties. The couple stood …


Wedding night

Wedding night

Wedding night Erotic Story My and Anki’s wedding was quite successful, I controlled my and my wife’s wishes so as not to overdo it with alcohol. There was one more event ahead of us, and it was quite important – the wedding night. Of course, we have had sex for a long time, because you don’t buy a pig in a poke, but it was supposed to be special tonight. I surreptitiously collected from our various conversations with the other half how she imagines her wedding night. And according to …

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Photo Session in my home

photo sesion

Photo session at my home. Erotic story Photography has always been my hobby, everyone knew my passion, so I was not surprised when a colleague from work asked if I would take a photo session of her. Of course, I gladly agreed, but she only said that she did not want an outdoor session, only in the atelier. Although my home photo studio was amateurish, it was suitable for such sessions. We made an appointment with me on Friday evening. I did not ask for details of what he expected, …

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